Usually, not quite a villain, but they act antagonistically enough that they're little better.
The "fighting monsters" line represents what is a recognizable Moral Event Horizon for heroes, and both antiheroes and Well Intentioned Extremists live just near the boundary, especially the more pitiless Good Is Not Nice, Unfettered, Pragmatic Hero types.
Not to be confused with Complete Monster, although somebody can well become one by fighting such monsters.
Batman: Under the Red Hood, like Phantasm, examines this Trope, only this time in regards to Jason Todd.
Agent Kent Mansley from The Iron Giant, whose fanatical anti-communist efforts made him unable to accept the titular robot's overtures of peace, even when the general he was advising was willing to stand his soldiers down.
The title character of Ringing Bell, motivated by the senseless killing of his mother by the Wolf King, goes on to become just as ruthless and bloodthirsty as the wolf. Some tropes come about as a deliberate attempt to defy a stereotype or cliché, only to become as over-exposed as the very thing they were defying.
While Dylan presumably was writing about the Author Tracts of his earlier "protest music" period, these lines would also prove oddly prophetic with regard to some of his later work.
Grab the bull by the horns the old adage goes Nobody tells you where to go from there Seems like fate's pulling you Decisions have to be made The best path is the hardest earned Back and forth the struggle consumes us all Trying to keep a level head In the most unsettling of times Today I'll become the bull. Saiyuki's portrayal of this myth especially invokes this: while the various anime adaptations more or less consistently show that merely killing a thousand youkai turns one into a youkai, in the manga Hakkai's case is unique, and Word of God specifically states that it's not the act of killing or "being bathed in youkai blood" that triggers the transformation, but the killer's inner negative energy. Hinted at the end of Kevin Steen and El Generico's confrontation at Ring of Honor Final Battle 2010.
Carly originally had no interest in becoming a pro wrestler and was happy to just help around the family business, working as a camera man in WWC.
Older Than Steam: The Revengers Tragedy starts when the Duke propositions Vindice's wife, and when she refuses, he kills her. Seymour, the shmuck who feeds the man eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors, was actually the monster himself.
In The Secret Of Sherlock Holmes, the titular secret is that Sherlock Holmes is actually Professor Moriarty as well, an alter-ego to allow him a tight watch on the criminal world and to keep him from getting bored. Something has happened to our Fallen Hero: his village was destroyed, his friends killed, his puppy roasted on an open spit, his bike stolen, whatever. And even before he gets to that point, it's nigh-impossible to turn him away; calling him out on it will be ignored or retaliated against.

Engaging in Van Helsing Hate Crimes is a good indicator of having crossed the boundary and a Knight Templar is most certainly beyond it. This trope can also be used to demonstrate how "eye-for-an-eye" justice, while sounding like sweet Karmic Equivalent Exchange Justice at first, can easily spiral out into utter chaos if the hero lets his passions, wrath, and Pride forego rationality. For the Rosario + Vampire fanfic, see He Who Fights Monsters (though this one is an example of this trope).
Aliens has an interesting inversion in General WR Monger, who spent 50 years as the warden for the titular Monsters, and ended up just as nice and eccentric as the monsters themselves. However, both his team and Baymax help him defy this trope when they bring him back to his senses. A good example is Real Women Don't Wear Dresses, which began life as an attempt to defy the stereotype of women as being weak and overly-sensitive, only to become a stereotype in and of itself that suggested that women who don't wear masculine clothing or act in a stereotypically masculine way are inferior to those that do. This occasionally gets played around with in games, manga, and anime from the country — for example, in La Pucelle, this is the basis for a Non-Standard Game Over, one that gets taken more or less as canon in the Disgaea series. In other words, this can only happen to those who already lost enough of their humanity and cultivated enough of their hatred that they might as well be compared to monsters themselves. After years of battling Vince McMahon and eventually Triple H who was with Vince, Austin out of desperation to become the WWE Champion again, does a We Can Rule Together and reveals he joined Vince at Wrestlmania XVII. In some ways, he was worse than his patients, as they really couldn't help it but Stevie knew exactly what he was doing. Generico, after suffering a whole year of his former friend's abuse, has Steen on his knees and is holding the very chair that was used to start the feud a year earlier. This changed when Ray González began targeting Carly because he was feuding with Carly's father at the time. All the plant did was sit there and tell him what to do, until Seymour broke his promise, at which point it repossessed Audrey. Johanna and Anthony Hope discover the carnage, with Toby turning the meat grinder, having gone completely insane. It?s obvious that Cyrano has been bullied before because of his enormous nose, but he is so Bad Ass compared to anyone else in the play that now he is the bully. Starting as a defense attorney, he gets poisoned by a criminal, barely escaping death with damaged sight.
All that matters is that It's Personal, and he feels that the law just isn't suitable enough (or has become too corrupt and ignorant) to be of any use to him in settling the matter.

The Power of Friendship and The Power of Love were lost to him the moment the atrocity that sent him on his wild goose chase happened, and he feels that Team Spirit is just a hindrance; Heel realizations will be ignored. See also Cycle of Revenge, The Dark Side Will Make You Forget, Protagonist Journey to Villain, You Are What You Hate, Then Let Me Be Evil, and Became Their Own Antithesis. You walk the edge of that abyss every night, but you haven't fallen in and I thank heaven for that. And in InuYasha, the murderous Bankotsu of the Band of Seven manages to transform his weapon into a demonic blade by using it to kill 1000 youkai and 1000 human warlords. Cemented during the following Monday Night Raw broadcast where Steve Austin publicly beats up his best friend Jim Ross who openly spoke against Austin's decision. Then again, since Stevie thought this approach would work, all evidence to the contrary, one could say he had become insane himself, albeit in a different way. As Generico swings it, Steen holds up Generico's former mask, as if to suggest actually hitting him would make him just as bad as he is. 14 years later, Carlito Caribbean Cool is one of the top wrestlers in WWC and is targeting Ray González Jr, who till then was content to simply help with his father's mini market. In some productions, Johanna and Anthony are under suspicion for killing the asylum keeper, and the blame for all of the murders falls upon Toby. Don't expect him to make a Heroic Sacrifice or Heel?Face Turn anytime soon; if he dies in the process of bringing his nemesis down, it's usually with him crossing into Villainstown in his moment of glory.
So it really shouldn't have been a surprise that Bret finally got angry enough to absolutely brutalize Austin in their famous submission match at WrestleMania, which was the beginning of his Face?Heel Turn.
And realizes that no, Kevin Steen is just a complete scumbag who deserves to get hit in the face. Political equivalents are The Horseshoe Effect, Reign of Terror, Full-Circle Revolution, and Meet the New Boss.

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