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There are different types of negative feelings in humans but the most famous negative feeling is of jealousy.

Enjoy your life and save your happy moments to bring delight in your life when you are sad.
They make you realize you should not overlook your happy moments just because you are having a bad time for some time.
Never scold your life merely because it gives you hard times often; instead think in a positive way that life has given you so many cherish able moments to fill your heart with pleasure and delight.
It depends upon the personality of person that decide about the acts or things of happiness. Some people are more happy when they are with their family while the others get their happiness in the company of good friends but real happiness cannot be defined it comes from the core of heart. Different people have tried to define happiness but happiness quotes are more successful in defining happiness.

The unpleasant atmosphere can be at once changed into a delightful one in few seconds if you commemorate the times spent in supreme happiness. It may be Happiness Quotes tumblr, Happiness Quotes Pinterest, Happiness Quotes goodreads and Happiness Quotes and sayings. Happiness is multiplied when shared and bring smiles to the faces of sad and pessimist minds.
Some people use quotes for their timeline covers and display pictures because mostly quotes are coming with good images to make them more beautiful and effective.

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