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There are some important Bible verses about healing that show how God can heal us from any affliction or ailment. When you look at the 20 Bible verses about healing below, you will find a number of hopeful promises along with actual descriptions of healing that have taken place throughout the history as recorded in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. From the Bible verses about healing, we can see that not only has God healed in the past as described in the Scriptures, but that he promises to heal us in specific circumstances and situations in the here and now.

What we can learn from the above Bible quotes about healing is that God loves us and doesn't want us to suffer affliction, and that he wants to heal us when it is going to be beneficial to us and help us live a Christian life in service to God.
Though, having said that, it is important to understand that God may not heal ailments in situations where he is protecting us from falling into sin or from other things we don't understand.
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I also got a real heavy duty blood clot and internal bleeding from where I was shot in the stomach with a beanbag bullet that the police use for crowd control. Those who do not believe in the existence of God are called atheists while people who feel that the existence of God cannot be proved are called agnostics. Please help me to focus on being more like you and resist any temptations of the devil that come my way today.

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