Category: Love Quotes For HimLove quotes for him have true feelings which girls have in their innocent and pure love for their lovers. Feelings and expressions are two different things when we look at expressions with true feelings it affects our hearts, here are some beautiful love quotes imprinted on special cards to give you deep touch of true love feelings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You bowed the seed of love in me since then it is growing fast and became a huge tree and now its branches are full of leaves and fruit of love and I feel myself the luckiest person when you accepted my love by heart.

Same is the condition with my life; when you came in my life I felt life is very beautiful and I began praying God to give me a long life which I could spend with you with love and care. Your love gives me a desire of life and I will die without you; live with me because I love you. I saw you, loved you, hoped for you and imprisoned you in my heart and now you rule on my heart.
Please give your hands in my hands forever; I will spend all my life to serve you because you are my love.

True lovers of every age had have used precious and unique sentences to express their feelings and love. Love quotes remind us of our love, the moments we shared with each other and even each other’s assets.

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