My friend, judge not me, Thou seest I judge not thee; Betwixt the stirrop and the ground, Mercy I askt, mercy I found. But if you really love to write and you really love to tell stories and you really love to draw, you just have to keep doing it no matter what anybody says. And they're also very good at math, these super boogers, and so they teach Billy the ways of mathematics. You know, I hate to give advice because my life has been so odd that almost nothing that's happened to me can apply. I just took the idea that King Kong was too big for everything and reversed it and put George in a land of giants, which is basically what every kid goes through anyway - that, you know, the world is made for grownups, for tall people, for the giants.
Their toys are alive and can sometimes come to their aid, or get lost and Olie has to find them.
I raised frogs every spring in our house from tadpoles and by end of summer our house was overrun with frogs. I did not win and in fact I was called into the principal's office for a consultation with my parents. I have known lots of adults who enjoyed similar enthusiasms as a kid and weren't encouraged and then didn't go anywhere with it and so they're unhappy in their jobs as adults.
And I was lucky enough to have teachers that really, really looked out for me and really encouraged all that. The first book I ever wrote was in fourth grade and it was called 'Billy's Booger.' It was an autobiographical piece about a kid who was really bad at math. As a young man of pure British descent, some of whose forefathers have held high position in the British army, I have always been desirous of devoting what little capability and energy I may possess to the country which I love so dearly. The people of England will curse themselves for having preferred ruin from Churchill to peace from Hitler. Apart from my absolute belief in National Socialism and my conviction of Hitler's superhuman heroism, I had always been attracted to Germany.
Chuchill has renounced all British interests in Europe and those of his people who are not blind now realise that the pretext for this war was far removed from the cause of it, namely, the subservience of the so-called democratic politicians to their Jewish masters.
I know that I have been denounced as a traitor and I resent the accusation, as I conceive myself to have been guilty of no underhand or deceitful act against Britain, although I am also able to understand the resentment that my broadcasts have, in many quarters, aroused. In death as in life, I defy the Jews who caused this last war [WW II], and I defy the powers of darkness which they represent.
I would gladly say 'Heil Hitler!' and at once part company with him, realizing what a pitiable insult it is to such a great man to try to flatter him with such an imitation which he has always disdained.

I'm cool with the way I look, I'm not an ugly dog, but I don't see myself as a stud or anything. I live right next to a grocery store and I don't know if it's the bachelor in me, but I just go in and shop for what I need for the day. If I wasn't an actor and I watched my films, I could easily be like 'This guy's a clown,' you know? There are a lot of movies I've done that come and go, and don't really establish a growing fan base. I don't really necessarily think I'm a funny guy, but I like the opportunity to take on something that I don't feel I'm the best at doing. I've definitely been typecast, but I have time to do other things and I was glad to have the chances I did.
At times it's been weird because for the first phase of my career, I've been really well-known for a character that I was so not like and a character I never anticipated doing.
I find that when you see somebody in the tabloids all the time, you have no desire to see them in movies. I think I would do a much better job if I had a chance to do things that were edgier than I get to do in comedies. I'm the kind of guy that if I don't work out, I will get bigger and look like one of the guys who used to play sports.
Maybe I'll just become a cartoon character because there's nothing left for me to do in an R-rated comedy. My dad was diagnosed with cancer, so we ended up burying him a year to the day that he was diagnosed. There's a lot of us idiot actors that get tattoos and they cover them with makeup when you do a film. When 'American Pie' happened, I was so lucky to get that opportunity and I just tried to do a good job in that genre. I don't want to get home from work and wonder if I could have done better if I didn't go out that night. There are certain filmmakers I'd like to work with that I don't think would take a risk with me, because I could be distracting in their film. And yes, my sister did pay me to feed her grapes while she talked to her boyfriend on the phone. When the history of Europe comes to be written I can assure you that his name will not be second to either Mussolini or Hitler.

This charge must be preferred against a man who has so signally violated British tradition in the course of this war. The action was long delayed, but who can deny that the moment selected for it was chosen most appropriately from the military point of view?
I am proud to die for my ideals, and I am sorry for the sons of Britain who have died without knowing why. His way is for Germany, ours is for Britain; let us tread our paths with mutual respect, which is rarely increased by borrowing. I loved sports, but when I realized I wasn't going to be a professional athlete, I realized I wanted to be in movies. I did it three days in a row because it was one of the most exhilarating experiences I've ever had. You really don't have to protect each other much, unless there's like a bench-clearing brawl.
But the films that inspired me as a kid were, like, Malcolm McDowall in 'A Clockwork Orange.' He was my hero. And loving movies so much, I've seen a lot of comics try to make that transition too fast, and it can be detrimental. And occasionally I find some adults that have that same mischievous streak, so I don't get in too much trouble. And occasionally I find some adults that have that same mischievous streak, so I dont get in too much trouble. The check out clerks always crack jokes about the fact that I'm in there sometimes twice a day.
It was like this promo for this sitcom and the main actress was meeting three different real people and then she was going to decide who was going to be on the episode. And I don't think I've had as much success as I need in the comedy genre to open up those opportunities.
Guard with your life his hopes and dreams, for he is all that we have, all that we are, and all that we will ever be.

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