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It's funny how much sh*t she gets for her "man abs"- the other day one of her music vids came on TV when I was with my friends and immediately all of them (girls, but generally pretty "normal" about that sort of things) started commenting on how ugly her body is (even though they all said they'd like to have muscles like hers) and how unfeminine and aggressive she looks.
I agree - it's so refreshing to hear a celebrity say that she works out a TON to look the way she does. Through her writing, motivational videos, inspirational poems and her print designs she hopes to be a source of motivation and to inspire you to believe in yourself, to dream big, and to achieve all of your greatest goals.

Thank you for visiting Great Minds Think Fita„? Motivational Posters and Inspirational Gifts website and for sharing the motivation. In the issue, which hits newsstands Tuesday, she opens up about her relationship with motorcross racer Carey Hart, her lip-synching competition, and how hard she works to look that good. I have to be able to run up those stairs as many times as I do and be able to sing at the same time.
I don't do it because I'm already 5'10" and look like a beast after I start doing too much plymometric type stuff but recommend it for energy, strength and an overall healthy feel. If any of you have seen Pink perform lately, I'm sure you'll back me up when I say that she looks like she's in the best shape of her life.

And even though she recently lost 20 pounds and is currently touring, the pop star hasn't strayed from her fitness routine!
That’s where the masculine thing comes in, people saying it’s not normal for a girl to have [those].
So usually, I wake up and do an hour of cardio, then an hour of P90X or yoga, then a half-hour of warm-up [during show rehearsal].

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