Anyone with an account can make a story; normally, people start a story and then go back when ever they want and update it. Groups can also be used as role playing centers, where specific types of roleplay is played. You can access the main groups that Quotev has created by going to the published section on your profile, then scrolling to the bottom and clicking the 'Visit the Writing Group' link. Whenever you log on or when you're already on you get notifications on things like: A favorite story was updated, someone left you a comment, someone commented on a story or quiz you made, when someone wants to add you to their story or when someone mentioned you in an activity.
First, click on the green padlock icon (or white page icon) in Chrome's address bar, and make sure Notifications are set to always allow. Leave a comment in my ask box with your URL, person of choice and what you want the gif to say. Quotev Quizzes PicturePin Quotev Quizzes cake picture for pinterest and other social networks.

Many of these groups require your admission to be permitted - you must be admitted by the group's creator before you can join or see topics.
The 'browse groups' button was removed and you instead had to use the search bar to search for groups. It is possible to amass quite a number of these if you're away for a while and with the right circumstances! If there is no notifications option, click on the 'Site Settings' option and make sure Notifications are enabled.
Mature stories do exist on Quotev, however they are usually removed from the search lists and will only appear on the writer's profile, even if reported. If you want to go to the help group, then go to the help page and click 'Visit the help group'. Other users can also heart, also known as favorite or like, your story to get frequent reminders of when the story updates.

You can also use them to get the word out, like if you wanted to make your story or quiz popular. For quizzes, they are usually knowledge or personality, but on surveys and polls, they can be answered by typing your answer or choosing an answer respectively. The feed can be alive or dead; the feed is 'alive' when many of their followers are posting activities, but the feed is 'dead', only a few are posting them.

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