Cooling – One 30mm fan with optional 5v regulator for use on the otherwise unused +12v rail.
Rear – IEC mains power input, USB host keystone jack, Cat5e Ethernet keystone jack, HDMI service port (available only with cover off).
Front – An amber HDD access light (dim = idle, bright = access) hacked directly to the SATA to USB adapter. An extra special shout out goes to Ste, the creator of Dingleberry Pi, for creating awesome tutorials that enable anyone to get started web hosting on a Raspberry Pi. BLOGSWhen is the right time to move to the latest Drupal version?November 12, 2015Small and big websites struggle with this question. This setup is probably overkill for most uses of the Raspberry Pi, but it is the setup that most users will be familiar with and is a good way to learn about setting up a webserver.
Avoiding the geeking answer of a€?because I cana€? I think there are some good reasons for doing this. Learn web programming The aim of the Raspberry Pi Foundation is to teach programming to children. As an interface The Raspberry Pi is useful as a device for collecting information from various sensors. As a test or development server When creating a web application it is useful to have a dedicated server to test the application on. As a real web server At first I was going to put that it would be silly to run this as a production webserver.
The new user will need to be added to certain groups to allow the same privileges that the pi user had. You can add the new user to the groups using the usermod command or you can edit the file directly. The most important is the admin entry as without that the user will not be able to run sudo and hence perform any system administration. Performance tuning is something that you would normally leave until later, but in the case of the Raspberry Pi there is an single option that can be done to improve performance for servers.
This requires a reboot to take effect, but we will be rebooting later, so there is no need to reboot at this point.
By default the Raspberry Pi will request a dynamic IP address which is issued by your router as required. At this point you will also need to check on what address range is being issued by the router.
Whilst you can dynamically reload the network interface I suggest a reboot at this stage to make sure that the configuration is correct. SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that allows you to login and control the computer through the command line remotely. If you want to connect from Windows then there are several options, but I suggest the open source software Putty.
Next we are going to configure the router to allow ssh logins and web traffics through its firewall to the Raspberry Pi. As a home user the ip address used on your local network is a private address range that will not work over the Internet.
The ports that need to be allowed through are port 80 (http) and if you would like to be able to login to the computer from the Internet then port 22 (ssh). If you have a dynamic IP address that changes on a more recent basis then you will need to register for a dynamic dns service. The following commands will install PHP version 5 and the mysql libraries to allow PHP to access the mysql database. Once the setup is complete you can access the web page by pointing your browser to the router IP address or DNS entry.

The file will need to have appropriate permissions; in particular for a php executable file then it needs to have read and execute permissions. For more details see the Linux file permissions guide - which also explains the chmod and chown commands.
Get your RPi working in it's simplest form so that it can connect to the internet via your home network. I tried to start dump1090 immediately and was reminded that I needed to change the directory.
PLEASE make sure your RTL USB dongle is not plugged in until your pi reboots at the end of the script. You should see the same display as before on the RPi screen, but the extra command switches should enable a network server that will allow the PP software running on your PC to connect to the RPi. The program will attempt to gather up net-ro-size raw bytes before sending them out over Ethernet.
The current recovery mechanism is quite strict and does not cope well with overlapping and corrupt SSR replies.
When the --interactive switch is used, the software attempts to match the Mode A and Mode C replies to known Mode S records. This option may assist if you have a high number of aircraft being received, and an unreliable network connection, or if the receiving end can be busy for an extended time.
I don't expect the user to fix the problems unless, of course they are more knowledgeable than the intended end-user. Just my way of saying thank-you for a simple to use bit of code for a cost-effective ASDB radar solution on a Raspberry Pi. Copy this file to your home directory for safe keeping, and also to the directory containing your dump1090 code to overwrite the dummy version supplied in the download.
And if you're running dump1090 with a different beast output port to the default (30005) then you also need to specify that. Plane Plotter Yahoo group) the exact command line arguments you're using for both dump1090 and ppup1090, together with any error messages and I'll attempt to work out what is going on.
It's never been 100% reliable, seeming to drop its Wi-Fi connection every so often which is frustrating. I did the former because I didn't have complete confidence in doing the latter - the page I was looking at didn't say if you had to do anything else to make that happen.
The drop outs got worse the other week when I changed the dump1090 options to reduce network load - clearly making the dongle fall asleep more often! So here's my write up regarding a dual receiver using two Raspberry Pi cards, with some amendments since the original post back in December. With a spare RPi lying idle on my desk I started wondering if I could use this somehow for a second antenna, as a simple way to get 360 degrees antenna coverage. With the PRIMARY antenna disconnected, view1090 on the PRIMARY will (after a short while) show the same messages as on the SECONDARY view1090.
It’s a friendly little device, about the size of a credit card, with an ARM11 processor and about half a gig of ram.
However, with a little config editing, a generous swap space, and full operation from a hard drive disk (as oppose to a flash SD card), you can get a pretty peppy and long-lasting server capable of hosting a small WordPress blog like this. I gutted it, ditched the case, and put in my own 500GB HDD in place of the old 320GB one (both 2.5in).
Instead of an in built hard disk, it uses the SD card, developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for booting and storage. This is similar to the guide to using Xubuntu as a LAMP webserver, but adds some of the things that need to be handled differently for the Raspberry Pi. This may not be quite as easy as clicking a few icons, but it has many advantages, including the ability to remotely manage and install the server.

Ideally this should be identical hardware and software to the production, but if that is not possible then the Raspberry Pi could be an inexpensive alternative. Then I thought back to the server I was running my personal blog website on, prior to going hosted in 2007, was not much more powerful than the Raspberry Pi is. The image includes a default username and password, which once connected to the Internet would allow anyone to login and have free roam of the device. Ia€™ve done the following by editing the file so that you can see the file (ita€™s also arguably a little quicker as you can make multiple changes whilst editing the file). The nano editor is the easiest for new users (so thata€™s what Ia€™ve referred to below), but I do recommend learning the vi text editor as it is useful tool that is installed on all linux systems. The bash shell is an improvement on that allowing the user of the arrow keys on the command line and autocompletion. There are other aspects to Linux security including making sure that appropriate security fixes are applied as they become available (eg.
By configuring it here we can let it get picked up by the reboot later saving us from having to reboot the server.
This is a little more complex as it depends upon your own setup and what router you have on how to achieve this.
As the name suggests it is secure as it encrypts communication across the network (so that others cannot see your password etc).
If you havena€™t already changed the default password then do it now otherwise anyone will be able to login to your Raspberry Pi.
You will have to contact me to know what they mean.  Some of them indicate that you have fiddled with code that you should not have!
Simply being a Linux computer, as it is, it can do just about anything, including hosting a WordPress blog on the World Wide Web.
It also means that the computer can spend more of ita€™s time server up web pages and less processor time drawing a GUI, which is after all the whole point of a webserver. Ita€™s debatable whether ita€™s better to learn to program a desktop application before web programming or vice versa, but ita€™s certainly something that is a useful skill to learn.
It did have a little more memory, but my server was running a full WordPress site as well as some CGI scripts. Without using the sudo command this would fail as regular users are not allowed to create other users.
Please be aware that when editing files like these a mistake can result in not being able to login.
To allow traffic to flow from the Internet to your Raspberry Pi needs the IP address of the Pi to be made to look as though it is from the router. These days websites tend to include more dynamic content and larger files, but if you are using it for a personal website then it may be sufficient. This is a security feature that protects the system from other users, but also limits the amount of damage that a user can do by mistake (although if prefixed with the sudo command it will not help against accidents).
This is overkill if you dona€™t plan to run the graphical interface (or rarely) as in the case of a server. The entry only needs to be changed about once every year or when Virgin Media perform significance maintenance on the Internet connection.

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