This is a collection of available tattoo designs and artwork from Skinhouse Studio’s Artist Raul Regalado. Founded in 2009 by,¬†Longmont Tattoo Artist Raul Regalado, Skinhouse Studio is located in the heart of Longmont, near Boulder Colorado.
Skinhouse Studio takes pride in its foundation of talent, passion for art and creative energy.
Skinhouse Tattoo Studio and Longmont Tattoo Artist Raul Regalado take pride in being clean, friendly and appreciating all aspects of the art community. Skinhouse Studio Facebook NewsSkinhouse Studio 23 hours ago Spending a Saturday evening with pigments of Colorful Colorado.

Colombian artist performs during the Third International Tattoo Convention in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia on November 17, 2012.
Skinhouse has become a studio that is continually evolving and creating a work environment that is most beneficial to the artists and clients alike.
If you are looking for a Longmont Tattoo Artist that cares about art and client satisfaction look no further.
Longmont Tattoo Artist Raul Regalado stays up to date with all of the latest tattoo technology and styles.
Raul prides himself in all of his designs and only uses a design once so every client has a unique tattoo that they can cherish for a lifetime.

Put a deposit and we will remove the piece from the Gallery and it will not be available to any other client.

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