TweetDaisies are a cheerful flower and they look really nice, so it’s no surprise that someone who is looking for a flower tattoo would choose the daisy. A nice looking daisy paired with a gorgeous rose make a nice tattoo on the girl’s side. Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C.
Incorporating a surprising amount of color for a small design, this small daisy tattoo is just precious.

Whether it be a small playful daisy or a bold detailed daisy, they look amazing and will definitely make a statement. Hawaiian flowers like the Hibiscus and the Bird of Paradise have great bright colors; it’s a natural to see them in ink.
While there is no specific meaning behind the daisy tattoo, a person may have a certain connection with the flower (e.g. The Hibiscus is often seen in tattoos for the meaning of the connection we have to mother earth.

Some people choose to pair the daisy with another type of flower, while others choose a star or swirly line to compliment their daisy tattoo. No matter what the reason behind choosing the daisy tattoo is, you will be able to find several different designs.

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