In the beginning he of his art career Robert worked with oil painting, graphics, watercolors, spray paint, graffiti, charcoal and pastels. You could almost say that Robert and Remis has raised the realistic tattoo industry in Ireland with approximately 200%.
Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists. Ree is a best thai female tattoo artist legend Perth has been lucky to have for the last 14 years she brings experience in XYXSWEEREKEEWK , Orginally from Thailand Ree is obsessive about the quality of work produced and giving customers an experience that exceeds their expectations. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! It would still cost me alot to go see him, gas and hotel's so that not the best option either.
There is an awesome artist in Minnesota, her name is Megan hoogland, but her waiting is is over a year also, and I would like to have my new tattoo by summer atleast. I don't know anything about tattoos but the art looks like it is imitating mezzotint halftone black and white art that is used for printing presses.

I only have a very small, simple tattoo, but the only place I considered was Electric Dragonland.
I have followed his work for some time now, and I think he is more than qualified to a take a at the table of the world’s top realistic tattoo artists. Ree has over 12 years’ experience working within the tattoo industry with an encyclopedic knolwedge of designs and techniques . Of course, you must also look at his profile page to see the gallery with many more amazing realistic tattoos. With the type of work you're looking to get done the difference between best and second best is like night and day. He's done 3 of mine and he has done about 15 or more tattoos on one of my friends and his were extremely detailed and alot of the same things you are looking for and they are amazing!
I haven't been in there in years, so I can't speak to their current work, but from what I saw at the time, they had some pretty amazing works displayed.
So what I am asking is I'm gonna post some links of the tattoo shops and artists that I emailed.

With that said I've seen both Shane Wallin's and Gabe Morton's work and both are very good and both have great detail. Of coarse none of them will say they can't do as good of work cause they want the buisness. Some had really good work, but mone seem to grab my attention and make me think they coukd do as good of work as Jun's. So I was hoing maybe some of you could take a look at the artists work and tell me if you think any of the artists I post coould do the job?

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