Rihanna, 24, finds Chris Brown's tattoo a painful reminder of the heartache he put her through and thinks it is a typically selfish move by him, who had done it purposely to dredge the incident up again, reported Sun online. Rihanna visited Los Angeles-based tattoo artist BangBang last weekend to have a tiny handgun etched across her ribcage.
BangBang, the brains behind all of Rihanna’s body art, initially drew two guns on either side of the tops of her arms, but the singer decided against having the handgun placed in such a prominent position because it could adversely affect her contract with cosmetics giant Cover Girl.

She's been calling Chris to say the tattoo is sickening and she's furious," the source added. The violent ink comes two days after Drake and Chris Brown were caught in an alleged brawl at a NYC nightclub — fighting over their mutual ex Rihanna!
While the new ink is a literal image of a falcon, the shape of the bird resembles a gun on Rihanna’s foot!

R&B star Rihanna is reportedly angry that her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown has a new inking on his neck, which resembles her picture after he attacked her in 2009.

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