Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women of all ages as they look great on all places of the body.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you liked watching the popular TV show Saturday Night Live during the 1990s, then you probably enjoyed the regular Jack Handy inspirational quotes that they often featured. In this example, he is using the ingenuity and persistence of birds to highlight the importance of always trying and never giving up.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Script Tattoos, Ankle Tattoos, Armband Tattoos and Awesome Tattoos. The bright orange cross and the blue wings symbolize the power of faith that brings serenity and enlightenment.
Memorial tattoo piece carved with cross, wings and name looks very evocative and always reminds the wearer to be strong and have faith. The religious cross with wings, bearing the name of the wearer’s son, is a symbol of love and grief.
Take a look at the cool back tattoo carved with cross and wings that pays tribute to a dear one. Mounted by the angel wings, the cross is a symbol of faith in one’s ability to attain spiritual enlightenment. The bold and sharp curves of the winged cross tattoo sitting on the back of the girl paint an enticing portrait.
The woman wears the memory of her husband in the form of wings and cross tattoo along with the date on which he left her forever.

The snake curled around the cross with wings and crown above it together make for an intriguing tattoo piece. Excellent motivational tattoo piece that inspires love, hope and dream through its Latin quote. The burly guy conveys his faith in god with a big back tattoo carved with cross, wings and a quote. Faith drives away the clouds of ignorance; this is what the religious back tattoo signifies. Check out the this badass cross and wings tattoo that is a symbol of the rock solid faith of the wearer in god. The girl wears her love for Christ on her back with a cool cross tattoo that also reminds her to be aware of her conscience. Religion is a great source of strength and this tattoo is a representation of the faith of the girl. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Butterfly tattoos designed especially for the wrists are very popular as they are perfect for making a style statement while boosting up the personality of the wearer.
In some small way, the idea of just trying your best is wrapped up in many ideals about birds, particularly the inspirational doves body art tattoo. One Jack Handy quote, in particular, is quite apt for the topic at hand: "“How come the dove gets to be the peace symbol? There have been times in history when man has attempted to create his own wing designs and fly to the heavens; needless to say, the outcome was never a good one.

Again, this is an inspiring quote that is designed to make people feel good when they see a dove tattoo design.
Men and women with a religious bent of mind love to wear such art forms on their body parts. Men and women both love to wear this tattoo that bring forth the solid strength of cross and enlightening spirit of the wings. It also symbolizes the transformation of the wearer into a mature person after her mother’s demise. Some of the religious symbols that occupy prime status in the body art segment include the holy cross, rosary, angel wings, Jesus portrait and Mother Mary’s image.
One very cool aspect of this tattoo piece is that there is a huge scope for variety and one can choose from numerous designs. It is not an easy job to shortlist the designs to pick just one which will look the best on you.
If you are also looking for such tattoos then the post showcased below will give you a nice insight into the beautiful patterns and delectable displays that can be tried with the wings and cross. Following is a collection of some attractive butterfly wrist tattoos that have been selected based on their uniqueness. The holy cross looks more beautiful and acquires deeper spiritual meaning when it is carved with wings.

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