Angel wings, heart and flower blend together to come up as a RIP tattoo carved on upper back in memory of dear mum. A bald eagle about to rest on a branch symbolises the desire of the wearer that the departed may also find rest. A tattered ribbon with name wrapped around the holy cross stands for the pain that has broken the wearer. A sentimental prayer by a grandson worn as a tattoo for the peace of his grandfather’s soul. Sweet, simple tattoo with name and life time of sister inked on forearm along with a heart shape. The wearer remembers the death anniversary of her mother through this roman number tattoo carved on arm.
A skull sitting inside a rose with wings around has the birth and death dates inked below along with name. An elegant butterfly with life time on a scroll expresses the love of a son for his mother. A large black and white tattoo carved on back with an emotional line conveys the bond the brothers shared.
Affectionate and peaceful faces of Christ and Mary with angel wings inked on back in loving memory of mother.
Scary and mystic, the tattoo with skull and flowers conveys the mystery of life after death.
A sober tattoo for mom signifying that she will live in her child’s heart forever and always.
The lady expresses her love for her father with this beautiful rose tattoo having life time inked on upper back.

Bright orange lily resting on foot is symbolic of the favorite flower of the person who is no more.
Cute, elegant tattoo with flowers of three colors worn for the peace of children’s souls. A sash with name of the dead adorns the holy cross symbolising the power of prayers in bringing peace.
Name initials and RIP spread around the corners of the cross worn for the peace of the departed soul.
A sweet and innocent angel playing a mandolin sings tunes for the peace of Dorothy’s soul.
Cute tattoo in memory of a girlfriend with her shopping bag expresses how much the boyfriend misses her. The son’s strong love for his father finds a way through this poignant message inked as tattoo.
An elegant and beautiful expression of love worn with butterfly and heart shapes on back in memory of a boyfriend. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
MY DAD PASSED 4 MONTHS AGO, IM LOOKING INTO GETTING A TATTOO..HE LOVED BOXING THE SPORT ITSELF SO I WANT TO GET SOMETHING WITH GLOVES SOMETHING IN THAT NATURE PLS HELP!!!! You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. RIP Tattoos or Rest in Peace tattoos are a great way to show one’s love and respect for the friends and loved ones who have passed away.
Choose from the diverse forms of RIP tattoos presented in this site to express your grief artistically.

Referred to as RIP tattoos or rest in peace tattoos, the carvings on body parts are done as a mark of respect or to show how much the individual, who is no more, is missed. People usually get these tattoos in memory of a loved one or a family relative, but some might prefer to sport them to remember their favorite pet or musician. Each of us has lost someone very dear to us and these tattoos can help us remember and memorialize them. Although historically popular with only men, more and more women are now choosing to get this tattoo done on their bodies. People like to add a personal touch in them as they are very special and close to their heart. The cross in this type of tattoo is usually wrapped with a banner or ribbon which contains the date of birth and death of a loved one, a remembrance, a message or some meaningful quote.
RIP tattoos come in different forms that vary in their color, size and style, and may be simple or complex. Are you one of those missing a dear soul and want to express your love through a RIP tattoo? The tattoo can replicate the structure of a headstone, and can include motifs that represent things and objects loved by the deceased. Portrait RIP tattoos depict the image of the deceased along with words that are spoken of in loving memory.

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