Men and women get their body parts inked with tattoos of Roman numerals to remember dates that hold personal significance for them.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Black and Grey Tattoos, Women With Tattoos, Weird Tattoos and Sacred Heart Tattoos. The girl finds the number 11 to be lucky for her and this tattoo represents her fondness for the digit. The sisters flaunt their lovely Roman number tattoo that symbolizes the four kids in their family.
The bold black Roman numerals gracing the shoulder of the girl make a sexy style statement.
9, 63, 11 and 4 are the respective numbers that sit on the arm of the wearer in the form of Roman numerals. The guy wears his date of birth on the inside of his arm in the form of a Roman numeral tattoo. The woman wears the date of birth of her child behind her ear in the form of a Roman numeral tattoo.
The girl wears Roman numeral 13 (her birth date), carved in a dainty and neat style, on her nape.

This 3D style Roman numeral tattoo looks very classic and is also the lucky charm of the wearer. Have a look at the neat and clean Roman numeral tattoo that is the birth date of the wearer’s child. The muscular biker displays his lucky number nine carved below the waist in Roman numeral style. The guy wears this Roman number tattoo as it denotes his sweet small family of three members. The girl was born on the 11th of May and this tattoo is dedicated to the same month and date. Take a look at the Roman numbers 8, 16 and 10 carved on the hand that hold personal significance for the wearer. It must have hurt the guy hard but the Roman numeral tattoo means a lot to him as it is the birth date of his daughter. The guy was born on 11th November at 11:00 am and this tattoo is a symbol of the same interesting fact. The rugby player has got his jersey number 15 etched on his back as a mark of love for the game.

The Roman number 27, sitting on the edge of the foot, is the marriage anniversary date of the wearer. This Roman number tattoo is a memorial for the girl’s cousin who passed away on 17th July 2011. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
This includes birth date, death date, anniversary date and various other kinds of dates or numbers that are special in some way or another. If you are also fascinated by the distinctive appeal of the Roman number tattoos then check out the post we have created below. Well, philosophical facts apart, people also have to remember a lot of numbers right from their cell phone number to account number.
This number game is interesting as well as irritating but there is a kind of number art that is only interesting.

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