If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Cross Tattoos For Women, In Loving Memory Tattoos, Sacred Heart Tattoos and Wing Tattoo Designs. Rosary Chain Running On Abs Awesome front body rosary Cross worn along the chest going till the belly.
Faith Rosary On Heart Cute small tattoo backed with motivation of faith combined with a Cross with beaded rosary. Rosary With Black Rose A black rose with intricate shade work and beaded rosary and Cross hanging out from it. Rosary Anchor Another cool inner-wrist piece, which has a rosary and an anchor hanging from it. Blue Rosary On Shoulder Shoulder piece featuring a blue rosary design with several big dark blue beads in between and the Cross which has fallen off it. Red Rose And Rosary Lovely details can be seen in this rose tattoo with rosary and the tribal Cross.

Christ And Rosary On Hands Beautiful portrayal of Jesus and Mary inja frame made of a rosary, which has a Cross pendant. Praying Hands And Rosary On Back Heart-warming praying hands tattoo with rosary Cross in hands and lettering dedicated to parents. Religious Dove And Rosary A large flying dove with her wings spread and holding a rosary Cross from its beak. Rosary Beads An inspirational quote on the side back, surrounded with a beaded rosary Cross.
Boondock Saints Rosary Motivational Boondock Saints prayer on ribs adorned with holy rosary and Cross. Cross Cheast Rosary Long beaded rosary Cross tattoo on chest with subtle and sleek shade work. Traditional Rosary On Ankle Gorgeous traditional piece featuring Celtic knot, beaded rosary and Celtic Cross.
Rosary Chain Around Wrist Lovely beaded rosary cross wrapped around the forearm for a great spiritual motivation.

Rosary With Evil Eye An evil eye with a large sparkling beaded rosary Cross surrounding it.
Praying Hands With Rosary Beads Very artful piece that features clouds in the background of praying hands holding beaded rosary Cross. Rosary Beads Round Ankle And Foot Gorgeous ankle and foot piece with rosary beads, Cross and inspirational lettering. Birds Flying With Rosary Two doves, messengers of love and peace, holding the sacred rosary and Cross.
A rosary tattoo, which is usually paired with a Cross can be a perfect mark to represent your spiritual inclination. You may also combine a rosary piece with a religious quote, which looks fantastic when inked on ribs.

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