Where can I get a Good Rosary Praying Hands Cross Tattoo In God’s hands) done at in Phoenix, AZ please? I have seen a many a rosary tattoo in my time and this is one of the simplest ones a person can get.
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Though I must admit this one looks like a pretty cheap tattoo so I hope this guy didn’t pay much for it.

They just seem to be too plain for my personal taste but I respect the reasons that many people get them. They want to show their religious devotion or feel like they have a close personal relationship with God, and I can respect that. These are the kind of tattoos someone gets when they are absolutely sure about something, like their faith for instance, and have no problem with knowing it will be part of them for the rest of their lives. Hey this guy might even be some degenerate criminal and even though he knows God will not help him if he is bad, he also knows he is going to carry God with him in everything he does so having this rosary tattoo stands for at least that.

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