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Father and son adventure nature photographers, give exceptional quaility royalty free nature photography, for personal artistic gifts or commercial graphic artists.
ForestWander Nature Photography, a team of Father and Son Nature Photographers, in the Spirit of Giving, offer free downloads of 21 Mega-Pixel artistic unique nature photos.
ForestWander Nature Photography began in the mountains of West Virginia, a state known for coal mining and economic hardships.
With little to no experience in photography, but a true passion for God and His creation, this father and son spend quality time together hiking, camping, fishing, and enjoying the hidden treasures of the outdoors. However, Troy and Rusty soon realized that it was meant for them to share their nature adventures freely with the world through their website ForestWander.

In their best effort to offer their experiences and memories to others, they decided that they should somehow obtain quality photography equipment, and enhance their website in order to provide a unique gift for all visitors from every nation to enjoy.
Of the many joys in life, there are few that compare to the joy that comes through giving to others. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
This unprecedented offering of royalty free high quality images has generated mass numbers of downloads from their photography website.
A father and his son began hiking in the Monongahela National Forest and State Parks, in the fall of 2004 starting as just a hobby. The pictures that they give away are artistic to say the least, and range from 1 mega-pixel, taken with a point and shoot Canon Powershot A50, to 21 mega-pixels rendered from a full frame Canon 5D Mark II.

In a time of economic troubles, selfish wants and desires, there is still a true spirit of giving in the hearts of a little boy and his dad.
Rusty Lilly was 4 years old at the time, and since then Troy and Rusty Lilly have hiked hundreds of miles throughout the mountain state, documenting their travels together with nature photography and nature video. Troy believes that this influence will have a significant impact on his son Rusty's life as he grows into adulthood.
These two nature photographers say they just do this for fun, but are nonetheless borderline professionals.

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