Most people’s first attempt at a hip hop production tends to be the hardest, not least because they’re working on a tight budget.
When you have the budget, however, buying exclusive instrumentals may be more worth your money.
Price points vary for different hip hop tracks, from just a few dollars to several hundreds or thousands.
Of course, this also means that paying for something doesn’t always mean you’ve got exclusive rights to it, although that’s the theory. These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.
Often, the best option is to make your own beats, but not everyone has the time or the skill for it. Exclusive means that you pay for the rights to use the material, which in turn means that no one else can use the same track.

It’s even possible to find the same track offered for free on one site and for an exclusive fee on another.
Free hip hop instrumentals, which you’ll find at dozens of music websites, have made things a bit easier. This should be a cause for suspicion: there’s always a reason why a company would give something away. You may find that it’s actually a royalty-free piece, or at the very least get it for less from a different dealer.
Just listen to a few beats and decide which one best suits your music, and you’re good to go. With royalty-free instrumentals, there’s a good chance that someone else is using the piece, and your material can sound eerily alike.
These have allowed more than a few artists to put together a demo and kick-start their careers.

This isn’t always a bad thing, but it can be an issue for people who value originality and creativity. Both approaches are more time-consuming, but it’s an important investment—if you plan on doing this professionally eventually, you don’t want copyright troubles to get in the way. Sometimes the flaws are minor enough to fix in an editing program, and the time you spend tweaking is worth the few dollars you save.

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