Screen Savers: Food Icon Library Demo - Food Icon Library is a collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations. Vector set of elements in vintage style & colors for presentations, comics, blogs, and other promotional materials.
Icons will help a developer to place a truly professional feel to his project's interfaces without the need to hire a designer or spend days and even weeks on designing icons on his own.

Food Icon Library is delivered in a variety of formats and sizes, including ICO, PNG, GIF, BMP and such sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32 and 48x48. Your web products and software will look more modern and attractive with Food Icon Library. This icon collection includes the next icons: apple, burger, tea, coffee, peach, poison, omelet, box, store, milk, ice-cream, rolls, soup, cake, hot dog and others.

You also can download other ready icons: word icon collection, music icon collection, database icon collection, auto icon collection, business icon collection, folder icon collection, multimedia icon collection, network icon collection, object icon collection, medical icon collection, toolbar icon collection, hardware icon collection.

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