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We can’t just classify love into something that brings joy, dreams, luck and a doorway to fantasy world; we have to see the other side of the story as well.
At that time the only best mate you can have is your soul which is pure and always stuck to you.

One thing we should also keep in mind is that love is a relation of give and take, you give respect; you earn it. So make your soul relaxed with these heart satisfying quotes provided here and be a best friend of yourself.
The person for whom you are sacrificing will one day realize and reciprocate in the same way, when you will need him. There are different kinds of love quotes that are famous but Sad Love Quotes Tumblr, Sad love quotes for him, Sad love quotes pinterest, Sad love quotes in Spanish, Sad love quotes for her, Sad love quotes for him tumblr and Sad love quotes and sayings more famous people.

Often we come across some quotes and sayings that exactly depict our situation and feelings whether they relate to happiness or sadness. So today I have a precise collection of sad love quotes that may relate to your hearty feelings.

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