But more than just being visually appealing, tattoos need to be done from the right place by a right artist.
The shop is run by Lou Jr along with experienced, award-winning artists like Irish Jay and Erick Alayon.
There are now present four locations and have 130 world famous tattoo artists and piercers. Gill Montie’s World Famous Tattoo ManiaGill Montie, is now open on a street in the small town of Beaumont, TX, near the Texas-Louisiana border. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Gill Montie grew up in the San Fernando Valley, USA, and traveled across the nation, tattooing all over the world.

He is the founder of the world famous Inkslingera??s Ball and is the owner of several tattoo parlors including the famous Gill Montiea??s Tattoo on Sunset Boulevard.
This tattoo shop has turned to be more popular than its competitors as celebrities like Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Johnny Depp, Eddy Van Halenand Liza Manelli have stepped here to tattoo themselves.5. This statement is rightly justified by Jose Lopez who, with his Lowrider Tattoo is one of the most praised tattoo artists of the United States. In spite of being a wheelchair bound, Lopez now works with four other artists in his shop and is about to open a second studio in Riverside, California. Apart from tattooing, Lopez also creates oil paintings and is considering designing a clothing line.

The website for Jose Lopeza??s Lowrider Tattoo is a modest, humble tribute to its founding artist, a Mexican immigrant, who, despite being wheelchair-bound, has become one of the most lauded tattoo artists in the nation.

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