An Original Sagittarius Tattoo The reason I like this particular Sagittarius tattoo is because it has an original design that stands out. Awesome Sagittarus Back Tattoo This awesome back tattoo of a double Sagittarius is really cool.
Sagittarius Tattoo Placement ideas – on your ankle, on your lower back, on your back, behind your ear, on your chest, on your forearm, on your finger, on your neck, etc. The man represents the desire a Sagittarius has to achieve a larger purpose in the world and to improve the lives of those around him or her, while the horse tattoo design reflects the Sagittarius's animal spirit and high sense of adventure. The bow and arrow design the man holds is a symbol of the Sagittarius need for direction in life, as it is easy for the Sagittarius to get lost in trying new things. Individuals born between November 22nd and December 21st possess the qualities of the zodiac sun sign Sagittarius.
The Sagittarius is quick with a compliment, though he or she is always very honest, which can sometimes lead to a frank comment that the recipient misunderstands. However, the Sagittarius is one of the most genuine and compassionate individuals in the zodiac and is unlikely to have meant harm or distress. Though this can make it difficult for the Sagittarius to be in a relationship with a demanding or needy partner, they are able to adjust well to others who appreciate independence and being on the go.

The Sagittarius zodiac design can also be depicted in the body art symbol of a bow and arrow that is similarly representative of the archer.
This tattoo design representation seeks to symbolize the Sagittarius's quest for a direction in life and to help the Sagittarius focus. Many tattoos can be viewed in larger formats by visiting this site, and many are also accompanied by photo series showing how they were made.
For example, how long it took to complete the tattoo, where you got it done, who was the tattooist, where the design came from, or anything else you'd like to tell us about this tattoo or about yourself. Some people also get related tattoos with a sagittarius tattoo, such as: capricorn, horse, kanji, libra, leo, snake, scorpion, etc. Half man and half horse, the Sagittarius archer depicts some of the Sagittarius's greatest desires. People born under Sagittarius are often some of the most enthusiastic and adventurous people around. However, the adventurous nature of the Sagittarius can make it difficult for him or her to maintain lasting romantic relationships. They love to travel and to be constantly moving, experiencing a new country, trying a new activity, or getting to interact with someone they've never met.

As an extremely generous individual, the Sagittarius enjoys opportunities to take care of others and to teach others. In most tattoo depictions of this arrow, the point is directed toward the right with the bow crossing it near the bottom at a 90 degree angle.
From what I can tell, most sagittarius tattoos are done by people who are sagittarius, but also by people who are interested in the meanings of this tattoo. People associate the sagittarius with many other tattoos, but in my opinion this are the most important.
You may upload as many pictures as you like, using a new submission page for each one.You can also include slide-shows and YouTube videos.
You should know by know that this tattoo is represented by a centaur – this is a legendary creature with legs from a horse, yet the rest of the body in a human form. Just put the embed code in the "Tell us about it" area below.Be sure to include your full name and geographic location so we know what to put in our videos.Have fun!

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