Aujourd’hui, la marque Sailor Jerry distille egalement un rhum epice a base de vanille et de citron. A proposDefiles, objets de convoitise, accessoires de createurs, playlists aiguisees, chroniques electroniques et eclectiques, festivals d'ici et d'ailleurs… Les tendances sous toutes leurs formes se donnent rendez-vous sur Madmoiselle Julie.
Tomorrow (Tuesday) is what would have been the original Sailor Jerry’s birthday, and you know what that means?
It’s first-come, first-served for the first 103 people that get in line, with tattoos starting at 2pm and going through midnight.

The party will also include special Sailor Jerry rum cocktails (like the Hot Apple Jerry), rum-soaked bites and a boozy birthday cake.
If it hadn’t been for a trip to New York to visit friends, Dave Hill might still be transporting a tub of eyeballs on the floor of his car around rural Ohio. Il est d’ailleurs le premier tatoueur connu a avoir utilise des aiguilles jetables et une sterilisation professionnelle.
Cheap beers and shots and dumplings and crawfish for daaaaays, and also a dinosaur head mounted on the wall like a hunting trophy.

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