In Revelations chapter four we saw where John received an invitation to “come up hither,” or enter into higher consciousness. In another article on Spirit of the Scripture I have briefly discussed the meaning of angels. In the New Testament, Jesus as the Son of God is the one who crucified his ego and made the lower and higher nature into ONE, achieving the divine union and enlightenment. In some instances, horns on the head represent negative thoughts and emotions, and ultimately, the ego. The seven eyes represent intuition and clairvoyance, both which should precede physical sight. The fact that the lamb has seven of each demonstrates the complete spiritualization process of the seven chakras.
The next verse in Revelations chapter 5 is also quite revealing of the process of enlightenment. In the last verse of this chapter it states that that the beasts and the elders worship the Lamb “forever and ever.” This simply means that once the process of enlightenment is attained, there is a complete and permanent change within the individual.
I plan to continue with the rest of Revelations throughout the summer, but since I have already finished six posts dedicated entirely to Revelations recently, I may take a break for a while and post on something else before finishing up. I think we are talking about two different phases in the same journey here, using the same symbol.
The loud voice symbolizes the conscience in man, an innate driving force from the higher self, getting through to the mind. Even Confucius the ancient Chinese philosopher stated the lamb was an ancient world-symbol of sacrifice. It reminds me over and over again how far off the mark today’s religions have strayed from the original message conveyed in the Biblical books.
I may not continue going chapter by chapter anymore either, but instead lump them together in a longer post.
The night before the slaying of the firstborn of Egypt, the Israelites had to slay a lamb and smear its blood on the doorposts of their houses in order for the Angel of Death to pass them by (hence the name Passover).

There are three important symbols we must breakdown in order to see this process: the Book of Life, the Strong Angel, and the slain lamb. The book itself represents your bodies—including the etheric, emotional, and mental—manifested in the physical plane in order to spiritually evolve your soul to achieve enlightenment.
But Jesus as the mortal man represents all of us who have clothed ourselves in matter in order to evolve. I have mentioned in former posts that the cranial nerves are for the purpose of making us aware of our environment. Of course feelings of bliss are almost always reported from those who have experienced enlightenment. The fact that the book is held by the right hand of the one on the throne is another firm clue; the right hand in scripture signifies the active, outgoing energy (kundalini), which is a spiritual evolutionary force for the soul.
We can receive these angels, or burst of spiritual energy and information, in deep meditation. The earth, or physical body, is the vehicle of manifestation for the soul to function, learn, and gain experience. But in this scripture odors aren’t just referring to the blissful experience of enlightenment.
I believe the Bible addresses the seven main chakras because it is a roadmap for how to advance the soul during our life-time on earth.
If mainstream Christians would look at these clues carefully, they’d have to accept an obvious truth—the Book of Life is us! The strong angel designates a dynamo power (kundalini) rising in our bodies, up the spine and opening the chakras, or seals.
It takes a loud voice, like the one shown here in Revelations, to move us into serious action.
I find it fascinating that John is telling us that no one in heaven or earth is worthy except he that has transcended the ego.
Can you imagine if this was meant to be literal like some Christians want to believe today?

During the spiritualization process of enlightenment, I believe the 12 cranial nerves serve a higher function as well. Hopefully the next generation will really run with this message, even taking it to the next level. I’ve had a chance to get some much needed yard work in, some repairs on the deck, and even some late spring cleaning in the garage. By the way, we can be sure that this “right hand” of force is undeniably speaking of kundalini based on the multiple statements throughout Revelations where 3 ? is used. The twelve cranial nerves plus the twelve signs of the zodiac give us twenty-four, representing the twenty-four elders which bow to the lamb.
It’s too hot to fish, but I am enjoying my four and six year-old at the lake, long walks in the evening with the family to the park, and some quite time to meditate in the mornings. When fully open, kundalini clears out the emotional baggage and subconscious blockages that hinder our spiritual growth. Ultimately I believe the author of Revelations is underlying the fact that if we never experienced the fall, our souls would not have the chance to evolve.
The family and I will be heading to the beach for a week for our yearly family vacation with her side of the family. And only those who experience the fall and then truly crucify the ego can be worthy to receive enlightenment. I believe he even goes so far as to metaphorically compare our twelve cranial nerve pairs to a plug that plugs into the twelve-pronged socket of the zodiac.

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