The Short-eared Owl is seen in the marshes, the thickets of bottom lands, and Davie says it seems to be particularly common in the tall weeds and grass of fields and meadows. Shortridge's langur, and check out Shortridge's langur on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. I don't confine myself to prowling around only in the night time, like some Owls I know, but you will see me about also on dark days, and sometimes even when the sun is shining."My eyes, you see, are round and yellow just like a cat's, shining in the dark like his. In the west it is found on the extensive prairies, along sloughs, hiding in the day-time among the sage bushes and tall grass.
The branch of learning he didn't know Could scarce on the tree of knowledge grow, He knew the tree from branch to root, And an owl like that can afford to hoot.And he hooted--until, alas!
A few sticks, soft grasses, and some of its own feathers usually comprise the nest proper, though the eggs are not infrequently laid on the bare ground.

He was flying to bed in the dawning light When he heard her singing with all her might, "Hurray! Like him I catch mice too, but I also like beetles, gophers, and all sorts of little water birds."I have only two eyes, but I have two sets of eyelids.
One I draw over my eyes in the day time, a thin sort of curtain to keep out the light, and the other a heavy curtain which I pull down when I go to sleep. In Ohio they are laid in April, sometimes as early as the latter part of March, or as late as the middle of May, within which dates it doubtless may be found breeding throughout the United States.Mr.
It is believed that no land bird has so extensive a range as this species, occurring, as it does, throughout all the grand divisions of the earth's surface, except Australia. In America it is found everywhere in favorable localities, from Alaska and Greenland to Cape Horn.

Nelson heard one of the birds, in Alaska, utter rapidly a loud cry which sounded like the syllables Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, in a higher key than the note of the Horned Owl, and in a much less sonorous tone. When alarmed for their young, they have been heard to utter a shrill hollow cry, and at the same time make quite a noise by spitefully snapping their bills.We fancy the Owl family alone will enable BIRDS to furnish a collection of pictures--perhaps forty in number--that will fascinate the bird lover, and make him eager to possess other groups for study, wonder, and delight. Sometimes I feel like saying something, just to hear the sound of my own voice, and then I shout ' Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo! If there are little Owls in the nest, and anything approaches them, I give a shrill, hollow cry, at the same time snapping my bill spitefully.

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