You can easily conceal your flower tattoos on side easily in strict work environment just by wearing a shirt or top you can cover your entire tattoo. Our side area is a large canvas for intricate and large design which is another important reason behind the popularity of them.
You will get a lot of choices while placing flower tattoos on side including the area of under breast extending to the side down to the area above the hip.
Some of the most common flower tattoo designs on the side of girls are flowers with complete leaves and stems and covered with vibrant colors. No doubt flower tattoos are one of the most common choices for tattooing on ribs women desire for.

But you don't need to worry, side flower tattoos are extremely pleasing to eyes so they are definitely worth the pain. Because flower is one of the most common tattoo designs representing different meanings and symbolism of femininity. We think cherry blossoms, with its fragile colored petals look stunning when tattooed on side. Lotus, lily, hibiscus and other flowers all have the potential to be a charming side tattoo piece. We think before making any final decision you have to accept the meaning behind any flower.

Flower tattoos on side are fast becoming trend as a lot of tattoo enthusiasts are getting these sexy designs inked on their side areas.

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