Basic black and white guarantees a crisp, classic outfit, but adding punchy highlights lends the look a vivacious  twist! Stripes speak loudly, you don’t want an outfit that screams for the wrong kind of attention. The key to wearing stripes select one color stripe, and build around the color with a complementary color. I love how colourful this fun wedding turned out to be, think multi coloured confetti, vibrant blooms and colour pop shoes. Kate found her tea length dress in Fur Coat No Knickers, which she teamed with a stunning red birdcage veil.
Harry's sister read the words from a Bugsy Malone song during the ceremony: Give A Little Love.

Nick, the manager at The Peasant, has created a great pub atmosphere that marries the history of the pub with incredible modern-day cooking. One memorable moment for the guests was Kate barely being able to get through her vows due to the tears.
Mixing striped pattens can be very tricky, what I do, I leave mixing stripes to the designers =p To much of a good thing can really ruin an outfit. With a touching first look, a meaningful ceremony and a party atmosphere in the evening, it looks as though a lot of memories were made that day.
A few weeks later I went back to Fur Coat No Knickers and went for the first ever dress I'd tried on. Her sister Jen helped with getting decorations and making cakes and her friend Sonia did a brilliant speech before the best man.

I just wanted something I felt comfortable in and, most importantly, could dance all night! We focused more on creating a fun atmosphere, rather than lots of matching details and it really worked.

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