Choose among the fabulous sister tattoos presented in this site to celebrate your sisterhood!
Tattoos can express individual passions, yet they are just as often used to unite two or more people. Apart from being blood relatives, they also have a deep connection of mind that is often hard to forego.
However, one can have such a close bond with a friend as well who is not a blood relative, and thus consider her as a sister. Their relationship can be riddled with its fair share of fights and annoyances, but the bond will remain.

Maybe something as simple as putting the other sister’s initials is enough to advertise their bond. Whatever be the case, sister tattoos are a great way to celebrate the loving bond two or more women can have between each other.
More and more sisters are finding that tattoos are the perfect way to illustrate their love for one another. For a bigger piece, they could each get a mural of their childhood home across their backs or even the setting of a mutually cherished memory. These tattoos can be quite meaningful, and they often carry a sense of personal touch within them wherein the tattoo design is chosen to be something that is very intimate.

The great thing about sister tattoos is that there are two people with shared history working together to create matching works of art.
Sister tattoos may include a message, or a symbol or an image of some kind whose meaning is significant to both sisters.

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