A skin lesion is a growth on the skin, or a patch that look different than all of the rest of the skin around it. Many skin lesions do not require any form of medical treatment because they are not serious in nature. Skin lesions can also be removed through the application of specific chemicals or through photodynamic therapy in which lights are used to treat the lesion.
The treatment that is most appropriate will be determined by the type of skin lesion that is present. If you have questions about skin diseases and skincare contact your local doctor, who will arrange for you to see a dermatologist. Our Speech Pathologist, Dietitian and Skincare Nurse offer 15min free health screening consults. In the embryo, melanocytes are derived from stem cells in the neural crest that normally migrate to the epidermis, where they are scattered along the basal layer. Proliferation of melanocytes may result in congenital or acquired benign melanocytic naevi.
Most melanocytic lesions are pigmented, but dermal naevi often present as skin coloured or pink lesions.
Congenital melanocytic naevi are present at birth, or arise within the first two years of life. Sun exposure promotes new naevi to appear during adolescence and adult life, but these tend to involute after the age of 50. Halos may also arise around atypical naevi and blue naevi; and they are also seen around non-melanocytic skin lesions such as seborrhoiec keraoses, basal cell carcinomas and inflammatory eruptions. Spitz naevi are dome-shaped papules or nodules that most often arise on the face or limbs of children and adolescents. The pathologist may also find it difficult to distinguish the biologically benign Spitz naevus from malignant melanoma. Reed naevus is sometimes classified separately from Spitz naevus but may co-exist with Spitz naevus. Histologically, diagnosis of dysplastic naevus requires the presence of two specific major criteria and two of four defined minor criteria.
Melanocytic naevi arising in mucosal skin, acral skin and flexural skin may show atypical features because of their location. Melanocytic naevi can also arise within the nail matrix, resulting in a uniform linear band of pigment within the nail plate. Solar lentigines may appear similar to pigmented actinic keratoses (adherent scale and tenderness) or flat seborrhoeic keratoses (dry surface).
Resurfacing lasers (carbon dioxide and Erbium:YAG) that vaporise the surface skin, and cryotherapy, should not be used to remove pigmented lesions by non-specialists.
Aggressive diagnostic modalities should be pursued especially in immunocompromised patients.

Skin cancer treatment - national cancer institute, Bcc scc common forms skin cancer collectively referred nonmelanoma skin cancers. Overview benign lesions skin - uptodate, Individuals may acquire a multitude of benign skin lesions over the course of a lifetime. Cat Food Allergy or Intestinal Problems? My cat is approximately 9-10 years old, female, spayed and till six weeks ago never had problems other than occasional fleas.
Cat Skin Rash Care and Treatment  Reader Question: What caused my cat to have bloody spots, and break out with bumps around her head?
Sore Above Cata€™s Eye Not rated yetMy 10-year-old Persian Cat (female) developed a sore over her left eye.
The Cat Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional.
This is why it is crucial to take proper care of it and address any issues that may arise in it. Finally, there are certain types of skin lesions that require surgery in order to remove them.
It is important to see a doctor quickly if you notice problems with your skin that are not resolving themselves. Intermittent exposure to ultraviolet radiation may induce B-RAF or N-RAS mutations within the melanocytes.
They enlarge over a few months, and are often red or deeply pigmented, resembling melanoma. The Reed naevus also tends to be seen most often in children and present as dark brown to black papules on hands, feet or elsewhere. They may be more numerous, larger in size (over 4mm diameter), and varied in colour (usually shades of brown), shape, and contour (with an ill-defined border).
These relate to arrangement of the melanocytes in a lentiginous pattern, fibroplasia and dermal lympocytic infiltration. The freckles arising on the nose and cheeks of young children following sun exposure are due to localised increase in melanin production from normal melanocytes. Sun exposure increases the number and degree of atypicality of moles, a good reason for encouraging sun protection.
If there is concern that a lesion could be a melanoma, it should be completely excised with 2-3 mm margin. Although they may improve the appearance of lentigines, they may instead result in unsightly patchy hypopigmentation or scarring.
Over the last few weeks, he developed a skin infection on the area beneath …Click here to write your own. There are many conditions that can affect your skin, many of which can cause a skin lesion.
Others must be removed because they are serious and removal is the core element of treatment.

This essentially freezes the lesion, which will eventually cause it to die away from the surrounding tissue and fall off. Passionate about health and wellbeing, we write about issues relevant to our clinical practice. Sun exposure leads to a greater number of lesions, but they are not confined to sun exposed sites. Congenital naevi may be small (1-5cm), medium (1.5-20cm) or rarely, giant (bathing trunk variety). A white ring appears around one or more normal moles (Stage 1), which gradually fade (Stage II) and eventually disappear (Stage III). Histological descriptions usually refer to a symmetrical compound naevus in which maturing melanocytes are noted in the deeper dermis, and an epithelioid cell structure.
Certain atypical naevi, classified as dysplastic naevi (also called Clark's naevi), may resemble melanoma and may also predispose to melanoma, especially in patients with a strong family history of atypical naevi and melanoma (dysplastic naevus syndrome). The hair can only be removed permanently by electrolysis, laser epilation or excision of the whole mole. If the lesion is too big for this to be practical or the scar will be unsightly, it is preferable to send the patient to a dermatologist for a specialist opinion. This makes it absolutely vital to be vigilant about your skin and how it looks “normally” so that you can be aware of any changes and seek medical advice if you need it. The melanin is distributed to keratinocytes via dendrites when stimulated by exposure to ultraviolet radiation and other factors.
Café-au-lait macules may also arise in other genetic syndromes, including Albright's syndrome. Atypical Spitz naevus can be impossible to differentiate from melanoma, so is best removed with generous excision margins and followed up carefully. More persistent freckles on the face and hands of adults are due to a proliferation of melanocytes along the basal layer.
Please let us know about the age of the cat, breed, when any cat skin symptoms began, have they changed over time, if your cat is indoor or outdoor, the presence of other pets, changes in your cats routine, bathing frequency, or anything else that will help us understand your cat's medical history, any tests and results. Giant naevi have a significantly increased risk of melanoma in the lesion (5-10%) or within melanocytes in the central nervous system hence surveillance should be lifelong.
Please include information such as breed, age, sex, history, changes in behavior, products used etc.We will try and respond as quickly as possible.

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