A large hole, called foramen magnum, at the base of the skull allows the brain to continue into the spinal cord located within the backbone.
There are 14 facial bones, all except the mandible being united by sutures that are immovable. Two lacrimal bones form the tear ducts and part of the orbit at the inner angle of the eye.
Two inferior turbinate bones are the larger pair of three projections, nasal conchae, from the lateral wall of the maxilla. The mandible forms the lower jaw, It is the only movable bone in the skull apart from the ossicles of the ear.

On either side of the foramen magnum are masses of bone which form the condyles of the skull called occipital condyles, that movably articulate with the atlas vertebra(first vertebra), forming a hinge joint that permits nodding of the head.
Processes from these bones unite with the zygomatic processes of the temporal bones to from the zyogmatic arch.
It consists of a body which is centrally curved horizontal part containing the lower teeth and forms the chin, and two upright portions called rami,one at each side, which join the body at the angle of the jaw.
Parietal bones are demarcated from the frontal bone by a coronal suture, from the occipital bone by a lambdoidal suture and from the temporals by lateral sutures. On either side of the cranium is an auditory capsule that contains 3 small bones called ear ossicles, individually named outer malleus, middle incus and inner stapes.

The information presented is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment from your own doctor or healthcare provider. The cavity of cranium presents an upper surface known as the vault of the skull which, is smooth on its outer surface and marked by ridges and depressions to accommodate the brain and its blood vessels on the inner surface. Nothing presented here is intended as a substitute for prescription medication or any other medical treatment prescribed by your doctor.

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