Mention yesterday of pencil drawing prompted me to dig out this item from one of my old portfolios. I wonder if it’s still so easy to give your friend an anonymous skull if you’re a student nurse these days?
Do you keep the finger-slashing fetish object that you’ve turned it into in a prominent location to scare off unwanted intruders or does it make a good conversation piece for any visitors you might have at home? The fetish skull is in a corner on a bookshelf in front of a framed photo of the baby from Eraserhead. Good find with the Graham Chapman piece, that’s the one I told you I remembered seeing. This pencil drawing of a human skull was created for a Life Drawing studio at Kutztown University in the spring semester of 2002.

It was drawn shortly after I was given a somewhat battered human skull by a student nurse (hello, Victoria, wherever you are), an object I sketched on a number of occasions before eventually making it into the finger-slashing fetish object below which appeared recently in the The Thackery T. Actually well done, this piece overlays contemporary shots with the original filmed versions, with Palin imparting tidbits of production history as he goes. Most visitors are usually too overwhelmed by the shelves of books and CDs to pay much attention to ornaments. It had also lost most of its teeth and one of the latches that stop the cranium lid from falling off. Alan Moore has one of those weird and somewhat scary Tibetan skulls embellished with silver. The drawing dates from 1983—I remember listening to the Art of Noise EP Into Battle whilst working—and it’s unusual for me in showing the drawn object alone on a sheet of paper with no attempt made to place it in a scene.

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You can always spot ex-medical skulls in films (as in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) since they usually have bisected craniums.

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