This week’s Tattoo Tuesday features a scorpion tattoo done by the artist, Austin Maples from Idle Hands Tattoo in San Francisco. Royalty-Free (RF) Stock Illustrations, Clipart, Images, Pictures and Vector Art © 1997-2016 Clip Art, Inc. I’m a 26 years old Italian graphic designer with a passion for typography and company branding.
I have an MA in Industrial and Graphic Design and I’m helping young start-ups achieve success via effective branding strategies. When he’s not drawing Rik tries not to fall off his skateboard and enjoys talking in detail about the weather. I keep getting asked to submit tutorials that are challenging, so here is something that I think will make you frustrated just a bit. We are going to start off in a very simple manner, and then progress to more challenging steps as we move along.
There is only one thing that needs to be done in step three, and that is getting those full lips sketched out and colored in.
You will begin sketching out the flame like tribal pattern for the girls hairstyle like so, and you have to remember to take your time, and always start at the top and work your way down. Color in the first installment of tribal drawing pattern and then draw out some more of the connecting pattern like you see here and then color it in as well.

Here you will sketch in more tribal pieces that sit in the pockets and holes of the chunk of flaming hair you just drew.
Now you are ready to start sketching out another chunk of a tribal pattern and like with the first one, start at the root or the scalp of the girls head.
Draw out more of the hair in a tribal design like you see here, and if you notice, I am going for a "blowing in the breeze' effect. Sketch in some tips, and chunks and be sure that each one is pointed and sharp looking for added flare and excitement. When it comes down to teaching yourself "how to draw a tribal design", it can be a very tricky skill to obtain. When that is done all you need to do is sketch out the eyebrows, and then move to step three. Each piece should continue to flow nicely with one another just as they did in previous steps. Now you can take what you just drew to a tattoo parlor for an inking session, or just add this tribal sketch to your art book. In the future he intends to draw more, travel more, get more tattoos, drive a ’67 Chevy Impala and move down the coast with his girl and his dog.
One of the main reasons why tribal art is hard to replicate, is because of the amount of contouring harmony that is involved when making patterns uniform, and going in the same direction, but also have an appealing sharp quality.

As you notice there is no guidelines or shapes to erase because you took this tribal lesson on using a step by step, and piece by piece basis.
The reason why I wanted to make a lesson from this type of concept is because it was requested for one, and for two, my sister said I should do something awesome that would be fun to color in. This is one of my favorite tribal art pieces to date and I'm hoping that the artists that choose to tackle this lesson, have fun and enjoy the beautiful concept. Since I haven't drawn any tribal art lately, I almost forgot how fun it is to expand my mind when creating something incredibly new.
All you have to do now is draw a tribal design you see here, or tr and come up with your own creation. Have an awesome drawing day guys and remember to tune in at eight for another session of Live Stream.

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