Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below. The skull has been a favourite amongst tattoo wearers for years, but now the sugar skull has allowed for a new breed of artwork.
For as long as tattoos have been around one of the most common images has to be the Skull Tattoo. Though the skull is commonly used as an age old warning for death and danger, it has a more profound meaning in the world of tattoos.
In the old days skulls would be seen as a morbid or scary tattoo but the sugar skull is much more than that. This stems from our own fascination of stripping away the layers of our own portrait until what you are left with is the hard gritty reality that even though it may be scary it is the foundation on which we build our beliefs and values, just as our own skeleton gives shape and structure to our external looks. The skull can be symbolic of the mental victory over the opponent, his body wasted and decayed after he has been defeated, thus lending courage to the fighter and building up his confidence.

Large overbearing skulls used for intimidation or small clusters of them to symbolize the forgotten and wasted, there are a number of ways in which you can use it, meaning the Skull Tattoo is one of the most inter-changeable and diverse tattoos that one could have. As time has passed the sugar skull tattoo has adapted several new meanings and is now common with men and women. A model of a skull would be decorated in bright colors and would be lined with chocolate, candy and other sugary treats. From the old hand tapped tattoos in the east to the modern inked streets of the west, the skull tattoo conveys one of the most basic human fears- Death. While an adverse affect is had on the opponent who sees his own defeat in the deaths head mark. Not only are they in the memory, they are remembered for bringing a beautiful persona to the world.
Yet as we look into what drives people to mark their bodies with this macabre imagery we find that the Skull Tattoo has a deeper symbolism than we originally anticipated.

The constant reminder of your own pending death drives one to live each day to the fullest. They took something that is commonly associated with death and decorated it with all these things, thus giving it a new lease on life. The skull, which is associated with death more than anything else, is tattooed with vibrant colours of the wearers choice. It reminds us that though we are not invincible, we are also not as fragile as we sometimes believe.

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