These are professional vinyl ready vector graphics of terrifying sculls with bonds or cards, with horns or different head-dress and much more. Start this tutorial on "how to draw demon skulls" by drawing a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines that you see here. Okay, now I want you to start using the facial guidelines that you drew in step one to draw out the shapes of the evil demonic eyes. Finish off the shapes of the two sets of horns and then begin sketching out the shape and style of the mouth and or teeth lines as you see here.
Now this is your last drawing step and as you can see you will draw flaming skull lines to add some shape and structure. Next draw out the shape of the demon skulls cheek bones and beginning lines for the nose hole.
First sketch out the indents on the sides of the skull head and then add some detailing under the eyes, around the nose, and on the horns.
After the flames are drawn out you will now start sketching in the detailing spots and add some cracks to the teeth.

It might take 2 or 3 weeks to deliver the CD by post in Europe and 2 or 4 weeks to the USA, Canada and other regions; cost $0. I was really into the skull and even though it has no skin tissue on his face, it still looks very real. To finish drawing the demonic horns you will draw the vertical lines that go all the way up the skull. There is two sets of horns, a pair that is upright like devil or demon horns, and then the skull also has a pair of downward horns that are drawn with a spiraling design.
Once the horns have their beginning lines you will start sketching out the crack lines on the demon skulls forehead as seen here and then draw out the shape of the jaw. Lastly you will sketch out the teeth and then sketch the detailing bone lines under the teeth as you see here. All you have to do is keep in mind that the skull that you will be drawing is large in shape and is basically just a skull. There is fiery flames burning on the head that I added just to give the demon skull an added touch of awesomeness.

Whenever you draw any kind of skull art, you will always add something different to the sketch. Drawing skulls can be something that is relativity easy, and then there is the skull art that is extremely complicated. The total sketch out the skull took a couple of hours and that is including how I turned a rough sketch into a drawing. The real time consuming part is when it came time to color in the skull and use my Photoshop skills to turn a sketched drawing into an awesome skull creation. Anyways I do have to go right now so I can submit the rest of the tutorials that I drew yesterday.
I think that you will be most pleased with this lesson on “how to draw demon skulls” step by step.

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