Sugar Skulls and Roses - Half-Sleeve TattooThis tattoo of Sugar Skulls and Roses was done by Trent Edwards.
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Its heavy in reds and greens, white is use highlight and used a bit heavier on two of the skulls. I believe the creature on the far left in this image, is that predator creature and that the other two skulls are simply skulls of previous victims of that predator.

If you remember, the predator creature kept the skulls of its kills like they were souvenirs. It’s simply a very powerful image to have in a tattoo, because the image of a skull is so strongly associated with life and death no one who sees a skull tattoo can ignore it. Pirates have the jolly Roger, Adolf Hitler’s SS men had the skull as an image and both bikers and many secret societies have skulls in their imagery.
There is such a huge variety of skull images out there and so much you can do with your own skull tattoo design that you aren’t limited in what you can create.

When someone wants a unique skull design to themselves, they rarely have any trouble creating one. Surprisingly, there is a lot you can do with the expression on the face of a skull, especially with a very skilled tattoo artist.

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