They are lovely and cute looking designs that can be carved on any part of the body in creative forms to give vent to one’s feelings and emotions. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Inner Lip Tattoos, Feather Tattoos, Dragonfly Tattoos and Infinity Symbol Tattoos.
The simple and small, red and black hearts, tattooed on both the forearms, symbolize the girl and her lover. Red heart with a cross and banner having a date over it, symbolizes the demise of a dear one who is missed terribly by the wearer. A broken heart can be mended but the scars will remain there forever; this is what the wrist tattoo intends to say. The color of love and passion gets knotted into a pretty small red heart tattoo to give vent to the wearer’s feelings. These five hearts etched in a vertical fashion on the forearm represent the five members of the girl’s family.
Upper back tattoo with a colorful and flowing display that looks elegant and represents the breezy state of affairs the heart gets involved in when a person falls in love. Heart tattoo carved with a feeding tube design to raise awareness and sensitize people about the people who have to undergo the pain of the procedure. The red heart and the flower are carved on the wrist to represent the fragrance of love which has engulfed every beat of this wearer’s heart. Getting lucky in the matters of heart has got something to do with this wrist tattoo carved with a heart and two clover leaves.
The treble clef shaped up as a heart represents the love the wearer harbors in her heart for music.
Tiny and tasteful; this heart shape outline looks cute and has a very sweet touch to its display. Red heart with anchor shape at its joint stands for the fact that the wearer is a fishing woman. The peace symbol sitting inside the heart stands for the symbiotic relationship between peace and love.
Cool tattoo design which represents the delicate efforts one has to put in to mend a broken heart. Blue rose; the alchemical symbol of impossible achieved, carved along with the red heart symbolizes that the wearer has won the heart of his beloved. Love makes the heart soar like a bird into the great heights of imagination and dreams; this is the meaning of the red heart tattoo carved with wings. Music in my heart; this simple and meaningful tattoo has been designed with this very theme in mind. A heart in love always finds the way to peace and bliss; this is what the wrist tattoo stands for. Tribal design heart tattoo carved with the sweet pink shade that has got a superb aesthetic touch. This Italian national expresses his love for his motherland with a three heart tattoo based on the Italian flag color scheme. The angel wings around the heart with a banner over it bearing the names of two girls is carved in their dear memory.
This girl has got heart tattoos on her feet and forearms as a mark of love that she carries in her heart for god. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. The heart tattoos depicted in this site vary greatly in their style and can go well with almost any look. You might even incorporate a heart into a larger tattoo which represents many different things in your life. The Heart Tattoos can be incorporated with cute flowers, stars, butterflies and also with the daggers to make the heart tattoo more beautiful and stylish.

12 years of Experience in SEO Agency, Wordpress optimization and SEM Expert , All types of Tier 1, 2 & 3, link wheel, indexation, Content Writing, Building and Support. When you want your tattoo to be cute, adorable and expressing love, go for a small heart tattoo. Small heart tattoo naturally goes well with girls as it has a feminine romantic symbolism attached to it. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Coy Fish tattoos , Snake Tattoos , Lotus Flower Tattoo & Bad Tattoos. Inner wrist piece having a red little heart mended and stitched on the skin, while the needle lay pierced through it. Trapped in spider web, a red heart with cross bones, representing its inability to follow its ways.
Glossy red heart surrounded by three more smaller hearts with beam of colors coming out from it. Looped hearts, which probably means that the two hearts will never lose each other, and twinkling stars throwing light on their love. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
You probably got here because you were looking for unique love tattoos for couples because you’re either in the market to get new ink for yourself or know someone that is.
If that sounds like something that you’d be interested in, take a look at the list below and let us know what you think! Cute red hearts with black outlines done on the back side of the palm at identical spots of the couple.
This is a fabulous love tattoo done in the modern style on the wrists of the lovers in bright orange shade. Wonderful love tattoo idea for a couple that also works as a wedding ring and you can wear it without fear of losing. The soul mates have found each other and have got a line with the heart symbol to express the same. The twin hearts entwined into each other and the flying heart done on the wrists of the couple look very touchy.
This couple believes in spreading the message of love and therefore, have got a tattoo saying the same. Sitting over the engagement rings the wedding date tattoos are a cool way of remembering one’s marriage day. This tattoo has the letters E and J woven into each other with which the name of the couple starts.
Touching tattoo with heart and identical emotional lines that speak about lifelong commitment. Walking hand in hand with the heart symbol tattoo visible near the lover’s thumb, the couple create a loveable portrait. Only you can unlock my heart, this is the message of the couple tattoo carved along with their names. Getting the first letter of the name of the lovers as tattoo is a very popular style statement. Adorable lines that express the wonderful feeling of love along with the heart symbol looks cute.
Tulips and multiple heart shapes with the name of the couple create a charming tattoo design on the forearm. Brilliant love tattoo for couples that stands for the loyalty and commitment; just the way only a single key fits into a lock. The popular emoticon carved on the wrist with black ink symbolizes that love is still going strong. Our love is complete as we are always there for each other, this is what the tattoo wants to say.

You have locked my heart forever with keys and now it is yours, the couple tattoo symbolizes this very emotion. Couple tattoo telling us about the fearsome aspect of love that can take on an ugly side in rare cases.
The biological heart carved in crimson red shade on the wrist and foot of the couple looks different. Now that this list has come to an end, we hope you’ll consider checking out some of our other similar lists. The love can also have varied shades as in love for a beloved, lover, parents, family, a passion or hobby or just about anything under the sun.
Heart tattoos look elegant and stylish with very symbolic meanings as the Heart tattoos symbolized for love, passion and affection. But not all heart tattoo designs have a positive meanings like somethimes heart tattoo designs can represent someone feelings who has been hurt like a broken heart could mean a failed relationship and the heart with wings, which could indicate a free spirit, or a loved one who has passed on. Heart tattoos can be inked on varoius body places like finger, hand, wrist, foot, behind the ear or anywhere you like it.
However, guys too can wear hearts, if they want to express their everlasting commitment to their beloved.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. However, we know there are a lot of cliche love tattoos for couples out there such as your typical heart tattoos that you’ll find on a lot of people from older generations. While not every list will be about love tattoos for couples or even love symbol tattoos, we do have a ton of interesting tattoo related content to share with you. Though there is no solid medical proof that there is a connection between the two but we have been relating the two since ages.
Since, this art is all about creativity, the heart can be combined with different other designs to bring out pretty looking tattoos.
Whenever we think and talk about the hearts, we think of love as the heart represent some kind of love in the lofe. Heart tattoos could be inked with many colors to make it more elaborate or it can be simple just in on color black and you can also get an better idea from your tattoo artist if you can not discribe your desired idea there could be a tattoo album which can make many things easy for you and also you can get a better idea to make your heart tattoo more beautiful and different from the other tattoo lovers. To tell you what variations you can add to a little heart tattoo, we have picked 30 lovely small heart tattoos in the list below. By typical, we mean the tattoos you see that have a heart with a ribbon over it and a name on the ribbon.
Poets and artists have centered a lot of their creations around this complex blood pumping organ that resides in the upper section of our body. Here, we have shortlisted 25 small heart tattoos that will give you excellent ideas regarding the designs and displays.
So, with all of that being said, we invite you to take a look at our list of love tattoos for couples and see if you can find the perfect tattoo for you as well as your other half. Some of the more frequently observed heart tattoos are hearts with arrows, pierced hearts, the Sacred Heart and heart with wings. Although each heart variation is characterized by the presence of specific symbols, colors and elements, these are not rigid, and can be combined in any way one wants. Heart tattoos can also come with many other symbols, like birds, butterflies, flowers, barbed wires, stars and flames.

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