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An apple behind the ear representing a sequence from the story Genesis where Eve plucks the forbidden fruit from the tree. Amazingly detailed praying hands behind the ear paired with a beaded rosary necklace across collarbone.
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Express your feelings of fascination and desire with this unusual, orange rose tattoo on your neck. Brush this deep red with a sprinkling of powder blue and feel your seductive powers at work.
Get a special tattoo artist to engrave this ancient design of a rose in shades of navy blue. Have this single rose in black engraved on your back to declare your secret feelings of love. Be bold and express your love with a tattoo on your calf or arm with the name of your loved one.

Go away from the traditional red and opt for a blue rose with green leaves for a stunning effect. Truly a feminine piece; get this beautiful red rose with a black contrasting design engraved on your lower back. Have this large rose tattoo covering your side and express love in your own distinctive style.
Here is your chance to stress your feminine side with this flower of love placed on your shoulder. This tattoo, in shades of purple, is an appropriate way to declare your love for your one and only. Get this traditional tattoo in a monotone black engraved on your arm, shoulder or your leg. Let the red rose tattoo encircle your leg to express your feelings of passion and true love. Go in for this rose tattoo if you would like to express your love for this exquisite flower. The bright colors of this attractive tattoo, on the arm, give it the importance that it deserves. Let a backless black dress complement and flaunt this black rose tattoo running down your back.
Wow i had never seen a black engraved rose which i got to see in Traditional rose tattoo design its beautiful.

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Choose any design that you have desired for long and get it inked to get a head-turner style. Recently, colored rose tattoos have shot into prominence with each color with a special meaning. If you wish to find out what may look good on you, the list below can give you some great ideas.
For the ancient Romans and Greeks, a rose was identified with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.
You may extend a hand of friendship with a yellow one and say the three words of love with a single rose.

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