Snake shoulder piece expressing trench in the heart caused by deception received from some unworthy people. The snake and skull unfinished tattoo, which I’m sure will rock once the color detailing is complete.
In the last pic, the crawling snake one, it really dose look like the snake could crawl of the hand and onto the floor at any second!
These snakes tattoos are very much scary i don’t know how peoples get such a scary tattoo inked on their body.
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Traditional Japanese full body tattoo by Nakamura Toshikazu depicting snakes together with peony flowers. The Japanese tattoo (Irezumi) reveals itself in various forms, mostly depending on the individual tattooer, but also owing its final shape to geographic location and how this interacts with the people living in one particular area of Japan.Nakamura Toshikazu sensei tattoos entirly by hand using traditional tools. One of the last to tattoo without electrical machines, he is now presented by Kofuu-Senju Publications in a new photobook to be released at the Milan Tattoo Convention in February. Even the other way round, the poisonous reptile inspires many tattoo enthusiasts to express their deadly instincts through it. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Tattoo Artists include 3 excellent residents and over 40 national and international guest tattoo artists.

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However, snakes are also regarded as a symbol of wisdom, fertility and knowledge, thanks to the old mythology.
Snake tattoo designs may take form of serpents, vipers or of intriguing traditional snake patterns.

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