It’s funny as a business to see someone compare social media for businesses to dating. With this being said be sure to check out Optimum Photo Booth’s daily updated social media pages! Optimum Photo Booth operates a photo booth rental company in the Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. Tickets for the event will be $25 dollars a piece and will cover 2 complimentary cocktails and appetizers served during the event.

The very first show of the new series, broadcast on Saturday, featured a kissogram, a naked Doctor along with a “sexed up” Tardis.Throughout the unique 65-minute episode, The Eleventh Hour, in which Physician Who had 20 minutes to save Earth from aliens recognized as the Atraxi, his new companion, Amy Pond, was revealed as a kissogram dressed in a skimpy policeman’s outfit, complete with mini-skirt and handcuffs. I want to sign up for the event, but every time I click the link it sends me to eventbrites website. Nerds who find a match will be treated to a “first date” coupon from our event host, Cuna Chicago, good for a free cocktail and a bread appetizer at Cuna’s. In one scene, Amy, played by the actress Karen Gillan, told the Doctor that her kissogram repertoire also included nuns and nurses’ outfits.

Maybe you are just looking for someone to join you on your couch for the next season of Doctor Who.

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