Research shows over 80% of Broward County Students choose not to Drink.  Marketing this information reduces the likelihood that students will begin to drink alcohol and can reduce use if they have already begun using this drug.
Social Norms Marketing – listed by the The New York Times Magazine as one of the most significant ideas! DPI uses Social Norms marketing in many areas of prevention to shift people’s behaviors, attitudes or opinions: smoking tobacco, alcohol (see Project Brain webpage ), driving and texting, sexual activity, drug use, violence, and bullying.  One Broward County school to be celebrated for piloting social norms marketing is Everglades High School – check out this example of their work! For more information on social norms, please go to the Most of Us Web site or the Social Norm Web site.

I am Tatyana russian bride, children son 2007 year from Novosibirsk Russia, with Hazel brown eyes and blonde hair.
I am 31 my birthday 18 March 1985, I have slim body my height is 170 and my ethnicity - russian. Sheremembers, analyzesPersonality : Psychological portrait- Flexibility You are a person flexible, easy-going, able to easily adapt tochanging social norms and to any situation.
You do not tend to become fixated on his troubles.However, the lightness of your character may be akin to negligence and personal immaturity.

In the communication you sometimesillegible and can bore people with his excessive sociability. You are impulsive and happens that you are acting recklessly and did not predict theconsequences of their actions.

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