Our industrious team of artists have designed a custom Compy tat that Max will take with him to a local tattoo place at the end of March. Last Saturday, Meagan Hockaday was shot and killed by Oxnard police after officers were called to help calm down a domestic argument. Just days after this shooting, a whistleblower in the Oxnard, California, Police Department came clean about a secret ritual that officers go through when the shoot someone: they get a tattoo of a gun and skull. The former Oxnard police officer who recently left the department said he saw the tattoos on the officers.
The former Oxnard officer told American Justice that if smoke is added to the tattoo, coming out of the barrel, then the shooting was fatal. In our initial report, we commented on all of the possible scenarios that could have explained reasons why Hockaday should not have been shot even though she had a knife, including the likelihood that she was suicidal. I will not comment on any specific allegations or any specific questions that you have posed.

This isn’t the first time he’s gone under the needle for his art- he also has a tattoo for Red Faction: Guerrilla (another game he worked on) from 2009. If we can get 1000 email addresses signed up in there by the end of March then this is a done deal. This process will, of course, be documented with pictures and then posted to our blog (and likely emailed on our shiny new mailing list with exclusive pictures) when it’s done. Will he have a good time and enjoy the process and then tell everyone “it didn’t really hurt that bad…”? He said the tattoos were probably purchased from a tattoo shop in Port Hueneme because that is where Oxnard officers go to get tattooed.The former Oxnard police officer also provided the names of seven Oxnard officers and two retired officers who allegedly had the tattoos. Also, I cannot give you a timetable as to how long our review will take,” Thom Mrozek, a spokesman for the Justice Department state in an email last Tuesday. And we aren’t talking about some annoying email list where you get mail every week clogging up your inbox telling you to buy our stuff.

The nine names also included two officers who are currently commanders at the Oxnard Police Department. This will be a mailing list, instead, that gets you early access to early versions of new games we are working on. We may also occasionally have some of our other game developer friends to drop by and hand out codes to games they are working on. Basically if you sign up we promise not to annoy you and instead give you access to free stuff.

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