The Southern Cross is one variety of cross tattoos that is particularly popular in Australia. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. I’m all for patriotism, but the southern cross tattoo is a symbol which has a better affinity with rioting than Advance Australia Fair.
Unless you’re Chad Reed or up for an AVN award, then do yourself a favor and buy shirts with collars that stay inside of your jacket lapels.
A good friend of mine recently pulled out a wallet that was more stuffed than a Christmas turkey. These are almost as bad as Crocs but have a slight redeeming quality in that they’re a disabled cousin to the Espadrille. Through the ages men have taken it upon themselves to buy jeans that accentuate their man hips. I thank the good lord that these vile specimens are not in season, however there are still some foolish souls who dare to wear them.
Anyway, I’m pretty sure that when Oprah gets back to the States she will not arrive empty handed.
To start things off slowly each audience member will be getting the finest in Australiana souvenir exclusive to any cheap strip mall gift shop. With the first round of gifts out of the way, the audiences’ screams die down and Oprah can share some footage from her trip of a lifetime. We come back after a commercial break full of Qantas and Tourism Australia ads to the next round of gifts. The original, fair dinkim ridgy didge Cork Hat, that Oprah’s audience are convinced that everyone in Australia wears. At this point Oprah shows photos of the matching southern cross tattoos that her and Gayle got and announces that she flew over a few hundred Australian tattoo artists to ink up the audience right then and there!

To warm things up before the big gifts are rolled out, Oprah starts the giving with a case of VB for everyone. Then Oprah announces that there are some lovely men in Australia and some of them aren’t appreciated by the Aussies anymore, so as part of her new reduce, reuse, recycle environmentally friendly image she gifts to the audience a six pack of unwanted Aussie blokes.
The screams are deafening as the men are rolled out all nicely giftwrapped and then tossed aside while the anticipation for the next gift is already mounting. The Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Barrrrrrrrierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any suggestions for other gifts for Oprah’s studio audience then please feel free to suggest them here. This entry was posted in Blah Blah, Giveaways, Greatest Hits and tagged giveaway, Oprah on September 16, 2010 by Toushka.
ROFL not only from your post but from your commenters as well.LAughing too hard to comment myself!
Dr Oz could come on and wax forth on the nutritional benefits of vegemite and Oprah and Gayle could take little bites on toast while on air and make nasty faces while the audience laughed. Am I the only aussie female who doesn't give a toss that the big O's heading down under? The new wave of canvas slip-ons sees men take a futher step down the road of footwear mediocrity.
Ms Winfrey is known for her generosity and she loves to give things away to her greedy screaming well deserving and grateful audience members. Due to my complete lack of imagination I will say that these photos look like everyone else’s Trip to Aussie pics except that they are of Oprah and Gayle. I’m confident that Oprah reads my blog and will take all of your suggestions on board. How does Oprah get everyone so excited even when the only freebie they are getting is some shit pair of Crocs?

Though I do find the whole thing rather amusing – and hope it boosts our flagging tourism industry! There are various styles of Southern Cross tattoo with the five star design being the most popular one. The last thing anyone wants to see when you’re jogging around the park is someone coming toward you with their meat and two veg jumping about the place. These nasty specimens are poorly made, fall apart and get so dirty you think the people wearing them are homeless.
The audience are jittering on the edge of their seats – they know they are about to get their greedy little hands on something awesome and have already regifted the cork hat to a newphew. My bro & 3 mates went to Japan recently and took a whole heap with them so that if they ever needed to ask anyone for help, they got a keyring in return – went down a treat apparently! However, in recent years, the Southern Cross Tattoo has lost much of its popularity with some people keeping their distance from this particular design. They are now reserved for football players who start fashion labels and distant relatives who persist on buying you crappy birthday presents. Do away with the big headphones, you are not in a studio and they make you look like Micky Mouse. There are going to be scads of Aussie-saying rip-offs in the most gratingly bad attempts at the accent.

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