Tattoos, the cool style statement of the modern youth have undergone numerous changes and are still on the way of evolving themselves.
The spider web tattoo is one such tattoo that has crossed its criminal boundaries and found acceptance in the mainstream. The spider at the side joint of the ankle and a web framing it around draws attention with every step the wearer takes.
Queer tattoo with a pesticide bottle and web painted on forearm which has several insects stuck inside it. A couple of spider crawling inside their web carved on palm must be sending fear waves to the one who shakes hand with this guy. The tiny red spider web with a green spider carved inside the ear and at its back looks cute and colorful. The adventurous spirit of the weare comes out clearly with this bright web tattoo in blue and red with the face of a bird carved on elbow.
The reverse spider web with the black widow spider spreading its legs carved on upper back. This wheel of a spider web with flagged edges has an attractive structure and looks interesting. A large blue spider web with an equally majestic spider created on skull is extremely eye-catching.
A piece of the web created in bright red on back signifies the strength of the threads of the web. Fynny and creative, this web has a holy cross with name initials shaped as spider and a skull wearing a cap about to grab it with its bony hands. Want to scare others with an alive spider hanging from your body then try this 3D spiderweb on your rib. I do agree with Josh that elblow is the most common and best place for wearing a spider web tattoo. It looks quite great and stylish to have the spiderweb tattoo on the elbow only somewhere in the neck.
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Spider web tattoos have a dark history going back some seventy years, when Aryan, or White Supremacy gangs reportedly wore the spider web tattoo as a form of racist braggadocio, reportedly a sign that they had terminated a visible minority. Hi, recently I've been getting more people looking for Tattoos with meaning so I decided to put this banner below.

The first traditional meaning behind the spider web tattoo comes from the notion of racism. The spider web tattoo swept prisons across the globe in the late 1900’s, it was around this time the meaning slightly changed. If you see a spider web tattoo today you would be wrong to assume that the wearer has served time in prison or commited a terrible crime. It is important not to pay too much attention to the spider web tattoo in modern day society. Today the wearers of a spider web tattoo wear it not because they belong to a gang but because they like the design of a spider web or because they can draw different meanings out of it. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. And struggle in a spider's web implies capture, and the multiple strands of the web itself is often a metaphor for bars. It may be the struggle against the dictatorship of drugs, or the feeling of being caught in a political, social or economic system you can't escape, or an even more general sense of wishing you were never born. The spider web became de rigeur in prisons, with each ring of the web representing time spent inside, or how many a€?preya€™ have been ensnared in the wearera€™s web.
Prison tattoos in their own way end up as more fashionable tattoos as apposed to having any deep meaning. Not just any racism however, a strong, unforgiving racism which means that the wearer has more than likely killed a minority to get his point across. Tattoos with meaning have changed so much over the years that now, even a tattoo with such a strong history such as this one can be worn in a fashionable mannor without any meaning behind it. To put it in other words, tattoos associated with a particular group or ethnicity are no more the preserve of their members only.
The intricate and superb weaving pattern is no less than an artwork and it fascinates many. For the wearer of the spider web tattoo, it likely means something very unique, very personal -- it means what they want it to mean. You might spot one on an elbow, sometimes on the back, or on the side of the neck, emerging from behind the ear, and more rarely, on the face. It is usually seen on either the elbow or the neck of males, rarely if ever is it seen on women. For example, in the mid 1900’s if a prisoner had a tattoo of a knife around his neck it would mean that he was available for contract killing, nowadays the true meanings only bare relevance in some of the toughest cultures in the world such as Russia and Mexico.

Unlike other tattoos the location of where the tattoo is on the body means absolutley nothing. In around 1970 the spider web tattoo was being inked on many prisoners who were serving time for murder. In some cultures the spider web is linked to dreamcatchers and therefore thought of in a positive way. If you are considering adding a spider web tattoo then be sure to check out lots of designs first as there are plenty of great ones out there. There has been a large-scale shifting of domains in the tattoo culture and now people freely wear any tattoo that they want to without bothering about the message it will convey. It has served as a billboard that the wearer is in for murder, or as a warning to enemies to keep their distance -- especially one worn on the left elbow -- which advertises the web-wearer as one who has a deadly weapon tucked away. The spider tattoo is very unique in the sense that it has no real meaning to tattoo wearers on the outside world, only those in prison.
What the spider web tattoo means to you is by far and away the most important factor and its essential not to forget that.
If you are also a crazy spider web tattoo enthusiast, do check this post that we have created with 35 diverse designs. A more philosophic prisoner might use the spider web as a reminder that they aspire to freedom, to escape the web from which they have become entangled.
Simple & easy to apply (instructions included) Just apply in a matter of seconds with a little water. And when captured, our most primal instinct is to seek escape, no less than the moth or the fly. In modern prisons the spider web tattoo can bare little or no significance at all, it can simply mean that the wearer has served time. Jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos from Flash Tattoos can be applied with water and last 4-6 days.

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