It teaches us to deal with different situations and how to act in difficult situation and circumstance.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sports is a combination of usually competitive physical activities which, through organized or casual participation, may improve physical skills and ability with the purpose of providing entertainment to participants, or spectators. Several of these sports can be played between two participants or can be played with hundreds of participants, who are either classified in teams or are competing as individuals.
Not only sports are a game of physical athleticism and physical dexterity as in Olympic Games, some of the sports also require several skills.

Sports are not only played for fun but many sports mark the pride of a group of people or a nation. Sports are usually played with some kind of rules or a set of them which every participant has to follow or he has to suffer a penalty for himself or his team.
Many events are held worldwide such as World Cups and Olympic Games which allow millions of spectators and thousands of participants all over the world to engage in the battle to bring glory to themselves and to their country. Gradually many different kinds of sports came into being and now today hundreds of sports are played in different parts of the world. So sports are very important for youth so they can not become unhealthy and be strong mentally and physically.

Some of the popular sports are football, hockey, cricket, swimming, running, gym, boxing, hiking, cycling, climbing, and  much more.
Many individuals for themselves or countries spend their lives in order to achieve glory in one form of sports or another. Here are some sports quotes of many famous people about their feelings and views about sports.

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