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Official seals for corporations, limited liability companies, nonprofit corporations, partnerships and many other legal entities. Comprehensive book of forms to start and run your corporation, including incorporation documents, minutes, by-laws, stock transfer ledger, and 15 blank Duke 2 Green stock certificates. A stock certificate is an important document showing the shareholder’s ownership in the corporation.
There is crucial information needed on a Certificate of Stock, such as how many shares of stock the person owns and what corporation these shares are for. A bearer stock certificate gives the person who is in possession of it the ability to perform tasks, such as trading shares on the owner’s behalf or voting the shares at a shareholder meeting.

Our stock certificate templates include the necessary information needed, such as the owner’s name, amount of shares of stock they own, and what corporation the shares are for. It states how many shares of stock has been issued to the recipient and is needed in order to perform several different tasks, such as trading shares or participating in a shareholder’s meeting. There are two types of stock certificates: registered certificates of stock and bearer stock certificates. A registered certificate of stock allows the owner to have an opinion and vote in a shareholder’s meeting. All of our Certificate of Stock templates are professional and come in a wide variety of designs to choose which one reflects the corporation.
There are 3 holes on the top part so you can place the stock certificates in a standard corporate record book or notebook.

You can choose the type of paper to use to make the stock certificate look exactly how you wish. The top flap is perforated allowing you to neatly remove the actual stock certificate which measures 7" x 11".
An assignment (transfer) form is found on the reverse side of each certificate (see picture).

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