In addition to Halloween, the month of October is known for creating spooks and scares among investors. When it comes to wealth suddenly disappearing, October can be quite frightful.
The scariest 19-day span during the 2008 financial crisis also went down in October, when the Dow plunged 2,675 points after investors fearing a financial collapse went on a panic-driven stock-selling spree that resulted in five of the 10 biggest daily point drops in the iconic Dow’s 123-year history.
On a positive note, in the past 20 years, October is the third-best-performing month, posting average gains of 1.8% and finishing up 70% of the time, according to Bespoke Investment Group. Obviously, there is no way to know what to expect this month or any month from the stock market.
With any of these, the drop will be temporary (weeks, months or a few years) so this is not a reason to panic.
This is a great time to review your holdings and make sure they are in line with your specific goals. If you are not currently a client, consider taking advantage of our FREE 2nd Opinion opportunity. Brad Rosley, CFP®, is the founder and President of FFG which opened in Glen Ellyn, Illinois in 1996.
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SZSE’s raised podium is a three-storey cantilevered platform floating 36m above the ground, one of the largest office floor plates, with an area of 15,000 m2 per floor and an accessible landscaped roof.
The raised podium and the tower are combined as one structure, with the tower and atrium columns providing vertical and lateral support for the cantilevering structure.
The tower is flanked by two atria – voids that connect the ground directly with the public spaces inside the building. The generic square form of the tower obediently blends in with the surrounding homogenous towers, but the facade of SZSE is different.
Adjacent to the city’s government offices and facing Shennan Road, Shenzhen’s main artery, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange is planned as a financial centre with civic meaning. Shenzhen Stock Exchange officials, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin and Shenzhen Vice-mayors Lu Ruifeng and Chen Yingchun, joined Pritzker Prize-winning architect Rem Koolhaas of OMA at a ceremony on 26th June at the construction site. Facade construction has already begun on the tower’s 46 floors, and the Stock Exchange building is scheduled for completion in August 2011.

OMA oversees the ambitious engineering and detailed design by working in an office with the client directly on the construction site – an unusual practice for foreign architects working in China. The premise of OMA’s Stock Exchange design is based on the essence of the stock market as speculation and the desire to create a building that is beyond symbolism for an almost virtual stock market. For millennia the solid building has stood on a solid base which anchors the structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. The main reason the market has been going up the past several years is because the Federal Reserve has been flooding the markets with money in an attempt to get our feeble economy moving upward at a faster rate. If the idea of “years” scares you too much – remember that the shorter your stock holding period is intended to be, the more you are a speculator rather than an investor. He has been a Certified Financial Planner since 1990 and helping individuals with their financial decisions for over 25 years.
The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is conceived as a physical materialization of the virtual stock market: it is a building with a floating base, representing the stock market – more than physically accommodating it. The raised podium contains all the Stock Exchange functions, including the listing hall and all stock exchange departments. The raised podium is framed by a robust three-dimensional array of full-depth steel transfer trusses.
The building’s facade wraps the robust exoskeletal grid structure supporting the building in patterned glass. Located in a new public square at the meeting point of the north-south axis between Mount Lianhua and Binhe Boulevard, and the east-west axis of Shennan Road, Shenzhen’s main artery, it engages the city not as an isolated object, but as a building to be reacted to at multiple scales and levels. Raising the podium not only subverts the traditional architectural necessity of connecting a podium to the ground; it also creates a dramatic public plaza by liberating the ground around the tower. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) – designed by OMA as the new home for China’s equivalent of the NASDAQ exchange for hi-tech industries – topped out today at 246 metres. OMA’s site team is led by Michael Kokora, with general project management by David Gianotten. The external area is designed as a public space for festivals and gathering whilst the 250m tall Stock Exchange tower will host the trading floor of high-tech and many new, high growth stocks as well as the Shenzhen Stock Exchange offices, registration and clearing house, the Securities Information Company and ancillary services in a gross floor area of 200,000m2. In the Shenzhen Stock Exchange building the traditional base is lifted up the tower to become a floating platform to broadcast the economic information of the virtual market and in turn liberate the space on the ground for public space and events.

Keep in mind that at the current market level, ten percent equates to about 1,700 points of the Dow. We could also be hit again by some sort of terrorist attack or outbreak of Ebola or something else that is major, but unexpected. Typically, the base of a building anchors a structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. SZSE executive offices are located just above the raised podium, leaving the uppermost floors leasable as rental offices and a dining club. The texture of the glass cladding reveals the construction technology behind while simultaneously rendering it mysterious and beautiful.
At times appearing massive and at others intimate and personal, SZSE constantly generates new relationships within the urban context, hopefully as an impetus to new forms of architecture and urbanism. The three-story floating podium is built with 27,000 tons of steel and a single joint in the supporting truss work weighs as much as 172 tons. The building is remarkable not only for its height: with a raised podium suspended 36 metres over a public plaza and projecting 54 metres from the tower base, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has one of the largest cantilevers in the world. In the case of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the base, as if lifted by the same speculative euphoria that drives the market, has crept up the tower to become a raised podium, defying an architectural convention that has survived millennia into modernity: a solid building standing on a solid base.
When glowing at night, it “broadcasts” the virtual activities of the city’s financial market, while its cantilevers crop and frame views of Shenzhen.
The neutral colour and translucency of the facade change with weather conditions, creating a mysterious crystalline effect: sparkling during bright sunshine, mute on an overcast day, radiant at dusk, and glowing at night. The raised podium also liberates the ground level and creates a generous public space for what could have been what is typically a secure, private building.
The facade is a “deep facade”, with recessed openings that passively reduce the amount of solar heat gain entering the building, improve natural day light, and reduce energy consumption.

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