Designed for the Spanish stock market, this easy-to-use app provides alerts, graphs and full-screen graphics, allowing you to easily see and understand complex and diverse share data. This Indian stock app is top of the line, featuring live feeds, easy access to the opinions and forecasts of analysts, equity and index derivatives, stock watchlists, current and breaking stock news, and global indices. Touted as the most comprehensive mobile stock app in the world, Real-Time Stock Track does indeed have an incredible array of data and features.
The stock exchange apps above are the best we could find, the most sophisticated and most user-friendly on the market. Top Real Time Stock Exchange Apps on Google Play Store for Android Mobile The possibilities of Android phones are seemingly endless. Check out 2014 Top 3 Picks for Android Stock Market AppsWhether you check your portfolio more than once a day or you just do quarterly adjustments, load one of these stock market apps on your Android phone or tablet and you'll always know how your investments are doing. This sophisticated yet free stock market app has been one of my favorites ever since the first version came out for smartphones a few years back. USA TODAY Portfolio Tracker (powered by SigFig) is a free Android stock market app that works with over 60 U.S.
The best Stock Market apps for iPad that give you the information you need, right when you need it!
Even though the iPhone's built-in Stocks app is nowhere to be found on the iPad, it's still is an amazing tool for managing your finances either at home, at work, or on the go.
If you want an all in one place for news, financial analysis, and stocks, Bloomberg can offer you that.
For hardcore stock trackers and portfolio managers, it doesn't get much better than Stock Guru. StockTouch is a new and interesting take on the stock market due to its interface and how you actually interact with it. If you're looking for a stock app that's easy to use but provides an extremely good amount of data, StockTouch will exceed your expectations. Stock Market Pro not only lets you track an unlimited amount of stocks, it's probably one of the closest to an actual replacement for the native stock app. If you're after something close to the native Stocks app on iPhone, Stock Market Pro is it.
These are our favorite apps for checking and managing stocks on the iPad but as usual, we know you guys are super capable of finding awesome apps too. Get a custom feed from your favorites sites and social accounts using Shared Links in Safari.
If you think it's time to break-up with Spotify, we're here to hold your hand as you cut the final chord—ahem—and cancel that subscription. One thing that makes the 12.9-inch iPad Pro stand out is the size of its display, but that also means more screen to get scratched. I'm sorry for the off topic but Ally, could you post a link to this gorgeous Christmas wallpaper? Here is a list of 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone which you can use to get some knowledge about stock market without investing any real money.
Stock market is the market or place where the transactions of shares (securities) takes place between buyers and sellers.

The Student Stock Trader is the app which lets you filter the companies for investing on the basis of %Change, NYSE, NASDAQ, Health, Energy, and shares with price less than $20.
These were the 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone using which you can practice your trading skills of share market. The words App Market on a white application tile in a wall of apps in a store which sells software programs for download to your smart phone or other electronic device.
All kinds of apps are available from the Play Store, from entertaining games to productivity and business tools.
Its easy to use and intuitive design sets this stock exchange app apart as one of the best. With simple, straightforward design, allowing you to see and interpret data with minimum fuss, no wonder this stock exchange app is so popular.
Among them are a sophisticated but easy to use watchlist system, an enormous array of relevant and handy graphs, charts and summaries, as well as the ability to create unlimited portfolios and alerts. It has a clean, attractive, customizable interface as well as daily, weekly monthly and annual charts.
The Bloomberg stock market app has a great selection of news articles and video, charts that define current market activity and historical stock prices. JStock tracks your stocks and international indexes, and shows current gain or loss on individual stocks in your portfolio. Enter a ticker symbol to get a quote, tap that ticker for charts and news about that company. From checking on your investments, to monitoring trends, to knowing when to buy and when to get out, when to short and when to stay long, there are ton of apps that help you do just exactly that. It isn't an app strictly dedicated to stocks and portfolios, but it does provide enough information for the casual trader. It's just got a couple added options and features, which we're sure no one will complain about. If you're using something different that you think is great too, let us know in the comments! Don’t let that worry you, and instead keep it protected with Amzer’s Kristal clear screen protector.
It is one of the most efficient and updated stock market simulating app available out there. You can also check the details about any company before investing to get an idea about whether its profitable to invest in it or not.
This app lets you trade only in United States stock market with $10,000 as the starting money for investment.
While analyzing the situation of any company, you can take help from any of the various finance tools like: Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Financial Blogs, Market Pulse, Balance sheet, etc. For those interested, here are a variety of stock exchange apps that allow you to see stock exchange data in real time. These apps are colorful and offer real time market and economic news and information and analysis tools.
Save your favorite stocks to the My Stocks list to use as a watch list or to represent your portfolio.

You won't just find common exchanges like the DOW and NASDAQ inside Bloomberg, you'll find all kinds of world markets. It provides information other stock apps just don't such as rick scores for several exchanges, volatility comparisons, valuation rankings, and so much more.
Stock market is a place in which if you invest wisely, then you can even become a millionaire but only a single mistake can make you loose all the wealth accumulated by you. In this game, you will start with $100,000 portfolio and your aim is to become the person with the highest earnings. Since this app is focused on US stock market, hence it also follows the same rules and norms which are followed there in reality. All investments appear on a dashboard so you get a good overview and live charts show performance, allocation, risk and other information.This app is made secured with bank level encryption, you need to enter a PIN to use it, no account numbers are revealed on the screen and while you can monitor all your investments, no trades or withdrawals can be made from accounts through the app. Whatever you're looking for, odds are Bloomberg not only has financial trend information, it's got live stock tickers and news about it. It's one of the most feature complete stock apps you'll come across that really is worth the money. You can change stock views by top 9 US sectors, top 9 global sectors, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) in the side menu. You can use Stock Market Pro simply as a reference or as a resource to track unlimited portfolios and the stocks inside them. So, it becomes very vital to understand the market and the mechanisms that take place there to have a steady growth and this can only be achieved with regular transactions. The game lets you trade in 22 different stock markets with real time updates like: NYSE (USA), SGX (Singapore), NASDAQ+PINK+AMEX (USA), ASX (Australia), NZX (New Zealand), BSE (India), etc. The tradeoff you pay is that Bloomberg doesn't do any one thing exceptionally well, but does everything good enough for light users.
The app has different sections for you to monitor the stock updates: All Securities, Trending Securities, Unusual Volumes and Price Action.
You can discuss anything related to stock market with them and even get your confusions clarified.
You can check for latest share prices of any company from Quote option while the News sections displays comments from other users.
So, I have come up with 4 free stock market simulator apps for iPhone which will help you in understanding the concept of real share market by investing virtual money. The app lets you set the start and end date for each game created by you and at the end of the game, the investor with highest amount of earnings wins the game. Scroll down on any stock page and you can browse news that has to do with that particular company. It means that you can do whatever you want to do as there is no chance of losing anything and hone your stock market trading skills directly from your iPhone.

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