Dennis Stock became a member of the Magnum agency in 1947 and soon became a specialist of celebrity portraiture. Aarons, Slim Arbus, Diane Arnold, Eve Avedon, Richard Bailey, David Beato, Felice Beaton, Cecil Beckman, Janette Benson, Harry Bergman, Robert Brassai Cahun, Claude Claxton, William Close, Chuck Colomb, Denise Comte, Michel Cooper, Michael Corbijn, Anton Cunningham, Imogen Deakin, John Dean, Loomis Depara, Jean Dudognon, Georges Duffy, Brian Feingersh, Ed Fink, Larry Galella, Ron Glinn, Burt Goldin, Nan Goldsmith, Lynn Gorgoni, Gianfranco Greene, Milton H.
As he met James Dean in 1954 just before the release of Rebel Without a Cause, the American photographer began a two month photo-report of the not-yet famous actor.
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After the actor’s death, in 1955, the photographer began depicting jazz musicians and documented the counterculture movements of the late 1960s, observing marginal hippies and bikers whose freedom and creativity he wanted to illustrate.
During his collaboration with James Dean, Dennis Stock had once followed the actor in a furniture store selling coffins.

The last picture that was taken was of the actor sitting up in the coffin, staring directly at the camera with a lost expression on the face. When James Dean killed himself in a car accident seven months later, the séries revealed itself as a morbid prophecy.

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