The last resting place of the Widow Maker K 19 which was portrayed by a Juliet class Soviet submarine. In a few of the photos taken on her port side you can see the rubber matting anti sonar coating falling off in large sheets. When looking forward from aft to the bow you can see the remainder of the four torpedo tubes that was her primary armament.
When crossing over the bridge from East Providence to Providence the vessel can vaguely be seen off the left side of your vehicle at low tide.
The vessel sits in a collection of abandoned industrial equipment deck barges and fishing vessels all being sent to the scrap yard. The 109 meter long, 2858 dwt oil tanker Palflot 2 caught fire in the Caspian Sea near Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan.
The wreckage of the SS American Star (originally the SS America, 1939) deteriorating off the west coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands where it ran aground in 1994.
Bas Jan Ader was born to idealistic ministers in the Dutch Reformed Church on April 19, 1942.
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She presently rests just outside Providence harbor in Rhode Island at Sim’s scrapyard.

Once primary filming of the movie was completed the submarine was towed to Newport Rhode Island with hopes of making the vessel a museum. Presently in and around the shoreline is being monitored by the Rhode Island Department of environmental protection for dangerous levels of PCB’s. The vessel had arrived in harbour the day before and had unloaded its catch when the incoming tide swamped the vessel. 6 fuel oil at Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, sailing for Boston under Captain Georgios Papadopoulos. We were there for a while just watching and you can see the tide was going out between the last two photos. It served in two world wars, including as a research vessel for Thomas Edison to develop new anti-submarine devices. Since we have thousands of products, we cannot manually translate all their titles in a timely manner. There was no funding available and the plans fell through the submarine laid up in Newport for several years before ending up in the scrap yard in Providence Rhode Island. It was later established that the ship carried two unqualified crew as helmsmen, a broken gyrocompass, inadequate charts, and an inaccurate radio direction finder.
For some time it was a luxury yacht, a recreational fishing boat, and even made an appearance in a Madonna video.

To help you discover the right product, we provide you with a machine translation of the product title in the interim.
In most cases, the machine translations are linguistically accurate (or at the very least helpful in your discovery process), but in some cases you may notice strange or incorrect translations. She was carrying a cargo of nine Mitchell bombers in crates, aviation fuel and medical supplies to Brisbane.
On 21 December 1976, Argo Merchant broke apart and emptied its entire cargo of fuel oil, enough to heat 18,000 homes for a year. Most of the cargo from the wreck was salvaged including the machinery and there were no casualties among the crew of almost forty. Fortunately, northwesterly winds blew the 60 by 100 nmi (110 by 190 km; 69 by 115 mi) oil slick offshore, and coastal fisheries and beaches were spared the worst.

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